Silent Hunter Mobile in Review – Dive, dive, dive!

One of the more romantic professions in the navy, or at least what seems to be from the outside, is serving on a submarine. The thrill of sneaking up on enemy boats undetected and sending them to feed the fishes is second to none. And this was even more so in the time of WWII since the sonar technology was far from perfect and a single U-boat could literally sink whole fleets. Thanks to Silent Hunter Mobile, you can find out how it would be to control one yourself right from the comfort of your iPhone.

Silent Hunter Mobile is an original submarine action/simulation game set in WWII. You’re put in command of a German U-boat and charged with the task of undermining Allied operations. The story of the epic struggle is told throughout the campaign via beautifully and stylishly animated cutscenes and though we already know how it panned out, it still grips you like a bear-trap.

Silent Hunter Mobile is split into 2 game modes – one strategic and one tactical. In the strategic mode, you’re presented with a map of the Western Europe and Great Britain with friendly and enemy cities spread all over. You control the submarine and can engage enemy patrols, complete missions or pop into a friendly port for some upgrades and repairs. Once you engage the enemy you’re immediately taken to third-person view of the submarine. Wave after wave you have to eliminate all resistance, with an occasional protection or capture sub-mission thrown in for good measure.

One of the best features in Silent Hunter Mobile is the amount and variety of control you have in combat. First of all, you can control not only the direction and speed of the submarine, but the depth as well. At periscope depth, the torpedo weapons become available and you can switch to the relevant view to fire at the enemy. There is no magic auto-aiming and the torpedoes travel in straight lines, so you’ll have to make a careful estimation of both your and your target’s speeds and direction to make a hit. And mind, the torpedoes are limited! If you’re up against some major baddies (i.e. Battleships) you can switch to the 3D tactical map where you can use the ultra-powerful controllable supertorpedo to sink those suckers.

On the surface you have other ways to kill the buggers. One is the long-range deck-gun. And while you’re wide open for enemy fire the deck-gun has unlimited ammo that can very useful in a pinch. And finally there is the Flak gun – the only way to counter enemy fighters and bombers, that can make quick work of your submarine if left unchecked. And, of course, you gain experience for all of the enemies to eliminate which can later be spent on upgrading your trusty sub.

The graphics in Silent Hunter Mobile are quite impressive – along with rather high-quality models the game features different times-of-day with the sunset ones simply awe-inspiring. With all of this goodness it’s quite remarkable the game works flawlessly on the 3G iPhone. The interface is another hallmark of the genre. The control scheme features a mix of accelerometer-based and on-screen controls, which works great together. Mostly you control the horizontal direction by tilting the iPhone (except the flak gun which is completely ruled by the virtual joystick) and the other functions using the touchscreen. And despite my lack of affection for the tilt controls I have to admit they work excellently here.

Silent Hunter Mobile is a unique iDevice submarine combat simulation, that delivers on all promises and more. The varied gameplay coupled with a great storyline, gorgeous graphics and intuitive interface make this a title you won’t regret spending your money on. And at a measely $1.99 introductory price I recommend everyone interested in stepping in the shoes of a WWII U-boat captain grab it while it’s hot cheap!

With this I declare Silent Hunter Mobile officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Silent Hunter Mobile Developer: Ubisoft
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $1.99 App Size: 143 MB
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Intuitive interface
  • Varied gameplay
  • Upgradable U-boat
  • Lack of multiplayer and achievements
  • No touch-only control options


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