Another lost iPhone 4G?

Following the recent much hyped about scandal around the supposedly lost iPhone 4G prototype by Gizmodo reports have just come in that another one has surfaced, this time in Vietnam on a local Apple fan-boy forum They have put up quite a significant photo gallery of the supposed iPhone 4G. Long story short, it looks almost exactly like the one stolen found at the bar in the US. But this time it actually works!

According to the source a Vietnamese businessman bought it on his recent trip to the States along with an iPad. Though next to none actually NEW information can be deciphered from the shots, here’re the highlights:

  • This appears to be a 16GB version (as opposed to the XX markings on the previous one)
  • The phone still seems to be working, though the shots show some kind of internal test software running and not the full-fledged OS 4.0 (maybe that’s why it hasn’t been killed yet)
  • The innards don’t have the metal enclosure that made it impossible to open the Gizmodo one and research found an Apple branded CPU inside.

You can check the full gallery of screens below, but here are my “two cents”:

I think both this newly surfaced iPhone 4G and the Gizmodo one are fakes. While few new things can be said about this latest prototype, the Gizmodo story is just full of holes. While they claim the iPhone 4G is recognized by iTunes and displays the “much higher quality” connected logo, for some strange reason they have omitted showing it in any screenshots or their “exclusive” video. Can you guess why?

The main reason folks thought the previous one was genuine was because of the Apple letter asking for the return of the device. BUT I think Apple has just stepped into the game for some additional PR ONLY (remember, according to multiple reports Android phones are creeping up on the Apple’s marketshare quite rapidly) and the real iPhone 4G has yet to be unveiled. Otherwise we’d have to believe that the most secretive company in the world has managed to loose not one, but TWO prototypes of their next-gen phone weeks before the official announcement. Want to bet on that?

As always, it’s up to our dear readers to decide on whether this is all true or not, but while you do – check out the image gallery below or follow the link to the forum for more high res photos that will or will not convince you of the autheticity of the “leaked iPhone 4G”.

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