Monster Mayhem in Review – Addictive mindless zombie massacre!

With all of the stuff going around, sometimes the only thing you really need is some mindless fun for your gray matter. While the App Store is ready and willing to help with a significant chunk of the 200,000 apps, it isn’t hard to see that 90% of the casual games at the store are a complete waste of your time and money.  And in these trying times, the only thing we have left to rely on is the publisher name…thankfully, Chillingo strikes again with its latest release – Monster Mayhem.

Monster Mayhem is castle defense game, with you defending the gate from hordes of zombies. As with almost all other games in the genre, the story is almost nonexistent. The undead are in an uprising and you, the graveyard keeper , are the only one who can stop them! With your arsenal of various weapons, it’s time to kick some undead ass!

As in any game of the castle defense variety, your main goal is to stop the armada of undead from destroying the gate of the graveyard. The main area where Monster Mayhem differs, however, is in the ways you’re able to stop them. Instead of the common flick-to-throw and static defenses on the castle side, you have a full range of hands-on upgradable weapons to play with.

The first and most basic method – the melee cleaver – requires you to swipe at the enemy to hurt them. It is weak and sometimes a bit unresponsive, but has unlimited ammo and some enemies can only be damaged by it. We also have a trio of ballistic weapons – the handgun, the shotgun and the machine gun. Next in line are the hand grenades; they provide a much needed boom and are very limited in ammo supply. To finish up, we have the two weapons of mass destruction – the flamethrower and the lightning bolt. And of course, who could forget the cold war’s favourite – the nuke – a one shot weapon of last resort. Each weapon, apart from the melee one, has a limited ammo supply, which has to be replenished either by using powerups during the level or from the store in-between the stages.

The enemies approach in lines and come in quite a number of varieties, easily distinguishable by their unique appearances and are topped by 5 bosses. Each undead has its own strengths and weaknesses that revealed in the handy monster handbook. The most important factor, of course, is the weapon types the moster can be hurt with – I’ve had to replay a few levels simply because I ran out of shotgun ammo. And the boss stages are fun, each requiring a specific approach to be defeated.

The graphics in Monster Mayhem are excellent, with monsters drawn in  a ScoobyDoo-like cartoony style. That said though, I feel the developers could have spent a little more time drawing up the backgrounds as the levels all seem a bit too familiar (a little more variety would be nice). The music is decent, though I wouldn’t mind even juicier sound effects :)

Monster Mayhem is an unimaginably addictive castle defence game, sort of like a cross between Plants vs. Zombies (TMA Review) and the myriad of zombie shooters out there. Monster Mayhem further augments the experience with a variety of undead and upgradable weapons that make them regret ever leaving their graves.  While there may be some minor flaws, the developers managed to nail it where it counts – sheer mindless fun of blowing zombies to kingdom come.

With this I declare Monster Mayhem officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Monster Mayhem Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $1.99 App Size: 17.2 MB
  • Insanely addictive
  • A nice variety of weapons and enemies
  • Various game modes, difficulty levels and achievements
  • Nicely drawn undead
  • The weapons are a bit imbalanced
  • The level backgrounds are not distinctive enough


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