Voodo – Todo Magic In Review – Some Voodoo, to help you do what you do!

Today, there are many different “to do” apps in the App Store.  Everything from a tweaked notepad app, to a full fledged list/chart/reminder/push notifications/etc type app wallows with its pushy digital brethren.  Today I got my hands on something that’s a more or less in the middle.  Developer IWonderPhone’s app, Voodo – Todo Magic, is an interesting todo app that incorporates a lot of great features without packing on the unnecessary garbage.  From the outside looking in, Voodoo Todo itself seems promising. Read on to see if Voodo had the magic touch.

When it comes to “to do” apps I have seen designs gone completely over the top incorporating all sorts of textures and depth, to some so simple you would wonder why they bothered. Voodo sits pretty happily in the middle in my opinion. Designed nice enough to not look like garbage but stay simple and clean enough to remind you that the app was built for convenience and efficiency, not to win a beauty pageant. A lot of design elements have taken cues from the iPhone UI which helps using the app feel much more “organic” and “native”.

Now one thing that I think is kind of neat and different is the devs approach to the app. Instead of having calendars and lists of what’s due today, tomorrow, next week/month, he broke it down to simply Now and Next. When you logically look at the things you have to do, it’s usually looked at in the way of “what do I have to do now” and them afterwards “what’s next”. It’s a fresh way to look at things and after awhile I actually found I was able to keep on top of things much better when working and thinking about them in terms of now and next.

Another great feature of the app is the tag system. Similar to how a blog site sorts its posts for easy searching. You can attach tags to your items that then allow you to filter for that specific tag on the main page. Just tap the icon in the bottom right and select our tag. I really appreciate this feature as a lot of my to do items are somewhat similar and using a tag system along side my items allows me to see what type of tasks I’m spending all my time on. You can also sort your list based on 3 different criteria. The default now/next, level of importance (high to low) and location (based on the locations you’ve saved while entering your items).

Adding an item is just a matter of tapping the + symbol at the top. Once started you have all sorts of fields you can fill out. Some really clever integration allows you to select people from your contacts list to attach to the item. You can also add the usual items like date/time/location/etc.

Now if at any time you need a hand figuring out a feature just tap the gear icon o get the settings page.  The manual is available by selecting it at the bottom of the page. Also there is the ability to sync your items with your Google Calendar. So not only do you have a list of your to do items. But you’ll also have it recorded on your phone (if you sync with Google cal.) and anywhere else you can access the web. The only thing missing in my opinion is push notification. I know that for developers, adding the service is extra cost and work. However I think that it would really have put this app over the top.

All in all this is a really great little app. Taking what’s good about simplicity while avoiding the design perils that typically plague “simple” apps, the developer has definitely changed up how I look at a to do list. If you’re the type of person that loves keeping track of everything you have to do and want to change it up a bit then I definitely think you’ll like Voodoo Todo Magic.

App Summary
Title: Voodo – Todo Magic Developer: I Wonder Phone
Reviewed Ver: 2.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $3.99 App Size: 2.1 MB
  • Good UI
  • A new take on todo lists
  • Tag system is great
  • No Push Notification


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