Skydda TradDuo Case in Review – touching wood

Skydda’s wooden iPhone cases look stunning in photographs, but in the hand they are more impressive. They are high quality, very easy to fit onto your iPhone, and have great functionality. The TradDuo case comes in two parts. To fit the case, you slide one end of your phone into the case (as per the instructions), then clip the bottom part on. It’s a very secure fit, with no rattling.

The wood appears to be pretty hard-wearing, so I suspect if you dropped your device (sorry, I’m not going to test this part out!) it would give a great deal of protection. The Skydda won’t protect your device from rain or spillages, but then you can’t expect it to do everything!

As it is very smooth, it won’t damage your device, providing you’re very careful when fitting it. However, the TradDuo’s smoothness can make it a little tough to grip – but still easier than no case at all! It also gives the phone some bulk, which can make it easier to hold. Despite its extra bulk, a TradDuo-fitted iPhone should slip easily into your pockets.

Whilst the case is fitted, you can still use all of the buttons and the camera, and even insert your headphones. Every fitting has been neatly cut out, and the on/off switch and the volume buttons have some clever mechanism which means pressing the buttons on the case presses the buttons on your device underneath and everything works as it should.

My case has been given many admiring glances, from males and females alike. Its look and feel is very appealing, especially since it’s quite different to anything else currently on the market – particularly in the UK. It looks cool and stylish and therefore people would be quite happy to house their iPhone such a chic slice of wood!

A downside is that although my USB connector fits through the bottom port, the same can’t be said for my mains charger. As the connector of the charger is deeper than the USB version, I have to remove the bottom of the case in order to charge my phone using a mains socket. This is no big deal I guess since I generally charge using mains at home, but seems to be an oversight given everything else about the case is so wonderfully done. This is the same case scenario when using my docking station – the thickness of the wood prevents the connector from fitting into the phone properly, so I have to remove the bottom half.

I guess everyone has different ideas on what is expensive and what is reasonable, but my personal opinion is that $69.00 is a lot to ask. The Skydda case certainly does its job of protecting the iPhone whilst looking very stylish, but it might need a few tweaks in order to fit Apple’s own main and other accessories better.

Accessory Summary
Title: Skydda TradDuo Case Developer: Skydda
Reviewed Ver: TradDuo (Maple/Walnut) Category: Case
Price: $54.99 Device: iPhone 3G/3GS
  • Very nice looking
  • Excellent build quality
  • Hardwearing
  • Unique
  • Doesn’t fit the charger lead correctly


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