iPhone 4.0 Beta 3 – new multitasking tweaks

Late last night Apple released iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3, the 3rd beta of the hotly anticipated iPhone OS 4.0. In addition to bug and stability fixes, the new beta software addresses multitasking kill commands more elegantly than prior versions of the OS.

As we all know, iPhone OS 4.0’s multitasking engine automatically kills excess apps when running low on memory. But what if we want to kill a background app manually? Well, it’s as easily done as the rest of the iPhone interface – just tap-and-hold the victim until it jiggles. Then hit the big red X. The major improvement in the latest release is, however, all of the icons in the multitasking dock start to jiggle on the tap-and-hold, making killing multiple apps a breeze.

Another tweak, hotly anticipated since the iPad, is the rotation-lock toggle that appeared in the multitasking dock in a special area to the left-most of it. In addition to those tweaks, iPod controls have also been added, allowing for quick and easy control of your music.

It seems Apple is making due on their promise of 100+ user features in the new OS, and I for one, am impatient to get the final version on my iPhone ASAP.

And again – a warning to the enthusiasts – do not install the beta version on your primary phone, since it may cause unpredictable glitches, possibly fatal to the data on your phone. It also requires a special dev-registered UDID to activate it. This is for developers only!

[via Gizmodo]

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