1 million iPads sold

Apple’s newest gadget is cutting through skepticism and its own sales estimates with powerful sales. 1 million iPads have sold since the April 3 launch; that is more than the iPhone sold in its first 30 days of availability.  Thanks to its success in America, we worldies have to do without till the end of May.

Wait we will though. The iPad is the culmination of Apple’s most impressive research and development thrust. It is an audio/video/web platform based on the industry’s most powerful OS. But it isn’t a laptop, or a netbook. The iPad can run on a 3G network for 8 hours, play video for over 10, and audio for dozens. It even connects to cameras and professional audio equipment; not one of its competitors is equipped to really compete. Apple are proving once again that good design and bottom-up hardware/software integration are necessary to make a successful platform while their competition fight over USB ports, price and OS.

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