The Impossible Game In Review – Possibly The Most Impossibly Possible Game To Date!

The word impossible gets added to game titles a fair bit nowadays, usually hinting at a higher than normal level of difficulty.  Problem is that most of the time it really isn’t the case.  Recently however I found a game that really did (and still does!) live up to its title: The Impossible Game. It ain’t just a fluke dude, and I think its dev, FlukeDude, would back me up. Read on to see how it’s possible to be impossible yet still possibly be the best!

Now if you are familiar with my likes and dislikes, you’ll know that I am a sucker for a pretty game.  However I am definitely not opposed to simplicity where it works. This game is exactly that. There are basically 3 objects in the game: a square, a triangle and a line.  You might think that with such a simple set of items, the game would be boring or dull, but you’d be wrong.

The object of The Impossible Game is as simple as it gets: to reach point B from point A.  As easy as that sounds though, the trip from A to B is anything but easy – it’s damn near impossible! Using just those squares and triangles, the developer has concocted an increasingly difficult and incredibly frustrating course (this is a good thing) that will keep you busy for hours.

To play, you let your little orange square travel across the board. You tap to hop over some obstacles and on top of others. To continuously hop, tap and hold.  It takes a little getting used to timing your hops but after a short while you’ll become a pro.  Then all you have to do is beat the game :)

You play in either of 2 modes: regular and practice. Regular mode means you just go for it.  However every time you mess up you have to start from the beginning.  To play in practice mode, all you have to do is tap the flag in the centre of your screen. Doing this means that whenever you mess up, instead of starting at the beginning, you start wherever you dropped a flag.  You can re-drop the flag as you go along to aid in your completing the game.

If you need a break from playing and are wondering how you’ve done, check out the stats page from the main screen.  There you’ll see how much of the game you have completed either in regular or practice mode as well as how many jumps and attempts or times you have played.  Also available from the menu screen is the medals screen. There you’ll find the 4 medals you can earn while playing the game.
If you need help or want more instruction on how the game is played, just visit the how to play menu and you’ll be able to go through visual and textual instructions on how the game is played and won.

Overall I have to say that when I first saw The Impossibe Game in the App Store, I was iffy on whether or not it would be any good. I have to say now that I am extremely pleased and surprised at the results. Its gameplay is so addictive and the design, although simple, works wonderfully.  I would recommend (as the developer does) to play the game with sound as they’ve added a funky little soundtrack that goes along perfectly with the game and definitely adds to the fun. The Impossible Game is recommended to anyone who is a fan of insanely addictive pick-up-and-play games.  They’ve won me over and I am sure they will with you as well.

App Summary
Title: The Impossible Game Developer: FlukeDude
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 5.8 MB
  • Simple concept, excellent execution
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Enjoyably Frustrating
  • None to mention


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