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Since the default Contacts app on the iPhone/iPod Touch is pretty bare bones, there’s a market out there for apps that specialize in pimping up your contacts in both looks and functionality. If you’re one to find the default app severely lacking, you may want to check out STL Contacts Manager, now free after a price drop of $4.99. It’s essentially a poor-man’s version of the highly polished Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management app, but it still works quite well. Aside from the tabs interface of the app (and it’s many features), the thing I like most about STL is the ability to create groups for all your contacts, which will then be carried over to your stock Contacts as well (creating groups is not something you can do directly on iPhone).

While I’m not sure I’d actually pay $4.99 for STL Contacts Manager, the fact that it’s free at the moment makes it a pretty sweet deal. At the very least, I’ll probably be using it to sort out my contacts into groups without the need for iTunes.

STL Contacts Manager, STL Contacts Manager – Free

App Description

What if your address book could perform according to the way YOU use your iPhone?

What if you could eliminate extra steps and repetition with powerful organizing tools?

Get the most unique and useful address book on the iPhone in preparation of Version 2.0 releasing soon!!


Unlike any other contact manager in the itunes store, you can enjoy:

  1. QUICK LAUNCH TIME -select “no preloading” in the settings page.
  2. SINGLE CLICK CONTACTING- Call, SMS, map and email any contact with a single click.
  3. SKYPE FRIENDLY-Call using unique dialer or Skype (enable this option in Settings).
  4. SMART KEYPAD- Advanced keypad dialer that searches for contacts as you type.
  5. ORGANIZE- Easily create groups and smart filters, such as: ‘friends in New York,’ or ‘coworkers with birthdays,’ etc.
  6. BLAST EMAIL- Email groups of contacts with one click.
  7. CREATE CONTACTS FAST- suggestions are given as you type, so you will never retype the same last name or business name again.
  8. INTEGRATED FUNCTIONS- conveniently use email and satellite maps right within the app.
  9. WHO’S WHO- Create networks of contacts, so you know how your contacts are related to each other. For example: I don’t remember his name, but he comes highly recommended… he is ‘my friend Mike’s auto mechanic’.
  10. HISTORY BY NAME- Maintain a permanent (and editable) history of every contact you call, SMS or email from the app (includes call timers).
  11. NOTATED HISTORY- Add notes for each call, SMS or email you send from the app.
  12. MOST CONTACTED- Automatically groups the people you contact the most.
  13. FACEBOOK PICS- Synchronize your contacts with their Facebook profile pictures (requires version 3.1+ of Facebook iPhone app).

Visit our support URL for more screenshots and description. Please send any stability issues to our support email address.

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