NinjaGrips releases High-Traction Grips for the iPad

Seattle, Washington – Fresh from the dojo comes all new high-traction rubber grip designs for the iPad from NinjaGrips. Crafted from recycled materials these adhesive-backed grips allow for ultimate mastery of your iPad. Say goodbye to slipping, white-knuckled squeezing or awkward handling. NinjaGrips also make it easier to set your iPad down on hard surfaces without scratches.

NinjaGrips are precision cut from adhesive-backed recycled tire rubber sheet in various designs making them environmentally friendly without compromising style. NinjaGrips are a great option for those who want to retain the aesthetic lines of the iPad without adding a case. Due to the thinness of the NinjaGrip material these grips are also compatible with many iPad cases.

NinjaGrips are available for $15 (USD) in 5 introductory designs and will begin shipping the 1st week of May 2010. The 5 introductory designs include a ninja-inspired “Shuriken,” the simplistic “Clean” and “Clean Cut,” the classic “Tokyo Sunrise” and the new-age tech “Industrial.” All designs also include small corner edge strips that allow for additional grip and protection.

Many new and different designs are planned for release in the near future allowing for users to choose the design that best fits their preference. NinjaGrips accepts inquiries for custom bulk design orders.

NinjaGrips Collection

NinjaGrips is designed and manufactured by MK7 Designs, LLC in Seattle, WA. MK7 Designs specializes in niche product design, development and marketing. Copyright 2010 MK7 Designs, LLC. All Rights Reserved. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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