Finally set iTunes wireless with Wi-Fi Sync

April 2010 – Apple has just begun shipping the iPad and announced iPhone OS 4.0. But among the 100+ new features in the next-gen OS, one is still missing – wireless syncing. While the reasons for Apple still refusing to embrace the space age and enabling our “Jesus” iDevices to finally go completely wireless are a mystery, it can be done! One Greg Hughes has just submitted a miracle app to Apple for review – Wi-Fi Sync! I have no idea how he managed it, but the app seems to work and what’s even more – it is completely done under the terms of the iPhone SDK without any use of private APIs whatsoever!

What can I say? Thank you, Mr. Greg Hughes – you’re my hero! And let’s hope the app doesn’t suffer the ill fate of Google Voice and the hundreds of apps, never approved by Apple.

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