MiniSquadron Special Edition in Review – gunnin’ pretty in pink!

When MiniSquadron arrived at the AppStore in November 2009, it immediately got high praise from critics and quite a bit of love from the gaming community. I myself gave it a firm Kiss-it rating and it hasn’t left my iPhone since. That’s why I was thrilled at the opportunity to review its follow-up: MiniSquadron Special Edition

I will not go into much detail about the gameplay of MiniSquadron Special Edition – you can check out my review of the original. Everything that was said there stands here as well. I will, rather, talk a bunch more about what has been added and expanded upon.

MiniSquadron SE is centred upon the same action packed dogfighting as the original. You control an airplane of your choice and have to clear wave after wave of enemies aiming to get that high score to help you unlock more powerful airplanes. In the SE version nothing much has changed in this regard – I have to note that still the game doesn’t go into much detail on the scoring system, and that you have to experiment in order to nab a high score. Spoiler Alert: completely blow up enemy planes and all their wreckage rather than allowing them to crash.

MiniSquadron SE also offers more than 50 planes to unlock, though many of them are different from the original. The SE version welcomes the arrival of a whole new class – helicopters! Like the UFOs from the original, helicopters move freely in each direction with no inertia-effect and can hover on the spot. Unlike the UFOs, however, they only shoot left or right (rather than a 360 pivoting shot). Don’t worry there still are the UFO-like planes with pivoting weapons as well.

Weapons-wise there has also been quite a bit of tinkering and balancing from the developers. Gone is my favourite cluster bomb. In its place is a flamethrowing weapon. The missile has lost its homing capabilities on all but a few individual planes as well. On the upside, two new bonuses have been added: Rapid Fire and Freeze. The former does exactly what its name implies and doubles the fire rate of your weapon for a time. The latter temporarily freezes the enemies in place (though they can still shoot). Careful now, these powerups can also be used against you!

The biggest change, of course, is the level progression model used in MiniSquadron SE. The game is FREE with 2 levels included for you to try out and master. And once you’re hooked, line and sinker, you have no choice but to purchase the other 6 levels which are sold in packs of 2 for $0.99 each. And if you’re planning on keeping on mastering the same 2 basic levels bear in mind the planes are unlockable by hitting a particular score on a particular level, meaning if you want to collect them all – you’ll have to fork out the cash.

MiniSquadron Special Edition is a fun, stylish, and addictive dogfighting game both for the fans of the original release and those wanting to try it out for the first time. Even better – the first two stages are FREE! Unfortunately the game’s biggest issue: lack of online multiplayer, has still not been addressed. Other than that – there’s no reason NOT to try it out!

With this I declare MiniSquadron Special Edition officially touched!

App Summary
Title: MiniSquadron Special Edition Developer: MrFungFung
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.1.2
Price: Free App Size: 33.7 MB
  • A new class of planes
  • Really amusing levels
  • FREE to try out the first 2 levels
  • Fun and addictive
  • Still no online multiplayer


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