Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit – audio, video, AND photos

Thanks to Apple’s reticence to include USB ports or memory card slots in the iPad, THIS is making news.

The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, which has just gone on sale for an even 29$, makes brilliant use of the iPad’s number 1 feature: mobile OSX. The operating system isn’t just a touch-friendly app-mongering front end, it supports low-level instructions as well. Specifically, the iPad Camera Connection Kit can connect to USB audio and professional interfaces.

While it is doubtful the iPad’s USB port will support the 5V needed for a variety of USB peripherals, it isn’t unconceivable that the iPad – especially when jailbreaked – could become a complete notebook replacement for light recording work. DaringFireball has confirmed that the iPad Camera Connection Kit works with USB headsets.

Of course, the audiophile in me is waiting to see how well the iPad will handle audio-out devices such as iBasso’s excellent portable headphone amp/pre-amp, the D4 Mamba.

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