App Update: Instapaper Pro

Instapaper Pro, an excellent app that allows you to read saved webpages without internet connectivity (and one of my go-to apps on my iPhone and iPad), has just been updated with several new features, with the most notable being the redesign of the reading screen on the iPad version. Instead of being located at the bottom of the screen, the controls (font, brightness, favorites etc) are now at the top, similar to what you’ll find on Apple’s iPad Safari browser. Other changes specific to the iPad include:

  • Redesigned reading screen with controls moved to the top
  • Added Hoefler Text, Baskerville, Palatino fonts
  • Added brightness control
  • Added dark-mode toggle in font popover
  • Increased size of inline images
  • Fixed landscape orientation bugs after moving items to folders
  • Fixed login, “No internet connection” issues

New additions that affect all iDevices (including iPhone/iPod Touch) include:

  • Added left/right pagination tap zones
  • Fonts now scale after rotation
  • Improved pagination scroll indicator’s accuracy

If you’re already an Instapaper Pro user, this update should make your offline reading experience even more enjoyable. And for those of you who’ve yet to check out Instapaper, I highly recommend you give the Free version a go. It doesn’t have all the features that the Pro comes with, but it’s still fully functional.

Instapaper Pro Marco Arment, Instapaper Pro – $4.99
Instapaper Free Marco Arment, Instapaper Free – Free

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