Photo Infinity in Review – to limpidity and beyond!

I love taking pictures on my iPhone. Even though it’s only an older 3G it’s always with me and the quality is decent enough that I can even print them out. But once I get the photos on the device itself there’s little I can do with them but view them. I can’t even rotate them for god’s sake! In these trying times, the only place to turn to is one of the thousands of photo-editing apps at the AppStore. And today I’m turning to Photo Infinity.

The purpose of Photo Infinity is, guess what, working with photos you have on your phone. But that’s only on first glance. The real strength of the app, apart from the quite significant amount of editing options, is the ability to share your photos through almost all of the most popular means available now. So let’s check how it handles all of that.

The photo organization options are laid out in a nice circular fashion and include access to the iPhone’s internal photo library and camera, image search via Google and Flickr, image browsing and upload/download via Picasa and Flickr and the option to get photos over Bluetooth from other iPhones. And Facebook, of course (oh, where would we be without Facebook…). All of the options work well, though don’t expect any special features, the integration is on the most basic level.

Once you have chosen the image you want to vandalise, the real fun begins. Photo Infinity displays the image with two toolbars: one at the top and another at the bottom. These contain all the filters/actions and the sharing options respectively. The filters offer an impressive range including everything from the basics: adjusting brightness, hue, and saturation; to the more creative ones like emboss, weave, glow and about a dozen others. In addition to the filters the app allows you to rotate the image if for some reason the iPhone didn’t detect the orientation correctly. The one thing I really felt missing was the option to crop the image – which is often one of the most used actions I perform.

Once you pick your destructive tool, you can (for most filters) adjust it by dragging up and down on the screen. Most levels vary from 0 to 100, though some go from -50 to 50. The most confusing part is the fact you don’t actually know what parameter you are changing. This results in having to play by ear. On the plus side, until you choose another action you can undo the changes made.

Visually, iPhone Infinity looks great – it has one of the most polished interfaces I’ve seen. At the same time, some things are painfully easy to miss. For example, I found out that to get access to more than the initially visible 4 filters, you have to scroll way off the screen. Same goes for the bottom bar in which the sharing options are layed out with the save to iPhone library being shoved off to the end of the list. There is also an option to tap-hold-and-drag the toolbar icons, though I didn’t find a use for it – the icons returned to their original spots as soon as I released them.

Photo Infinity is a decent example of the image editing category of the AppStore. It couples gorgeous design and an impressive selection of available filters and sharing options. The developers obviously shot for an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Unfortunately they oversimplified it to a point where it becomes confusing. Nevertheless if you’re looking for a reasonable photo editing app – it seems to be as good a choice as any.

With this I declare Photo Infinity officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Photo Infinity Developer: iSalam
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $3.99 App Size: 2.0 MB
  • An impressive selection of filters
  • Gorgeous interface
  • Extensive sharing and image acquisition options
  • No image cropping
  • Impossible to know what you are adjusting for the filters
  • Easy to miss the icons accessible by scrolling the toolbars


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