Make money on your iPhone/iPod Touch with Field Agent app

Have you ever wished that instead of spending all your money on apps, you could actually make some coin off of one? Thanks to the Field Agent app, this is now possible. Think of it as a market place where companies post “jobs” and iPhone users can make money by simply completing them.

What is Field Agent? It’s an app that begins with a Client (who needs information) creating a job requesting specific information via its website. Field Agent then reviews and broadcasts a request to Agents, (iPhone users in the field) who have installed the free Field Agent App. Agents use their iPhones to collect and return information and get paid for the service. Payments can range from $2 to $8, depending on the job’s degree of difficulty.

From what I gather, many of the jobs are of the ‘Pricing Survey’ type, where you have to perform a price check of an item (with photo) and enter the data via the app. There’s even a Rep Score system where you earn points by completing jobs within the allotted time frame. The higher your score, the better the jobs offered. This innovative approach to creating jobs from an iPhone app is still fairly new (currently not a whole lot of job posting at the moment and only in the US), but if it does take off, Field Agent could be great to earn a bit of side money without a whole lot of effort.

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App Description (iTunes)

Field Agent is the first app that pays you! We have clients across the US that need information from places you go every day, like your local supermarket. Our App pays you to report specific pieces of information and return it to them via our iPhone App.

Everyone is eligible to become an Agent, simply download the App and create an account!

The Field Agent process works like this:

  1. One of our Clients logs onto and creates a job.
  2. Our system prices the job and releases it to Agents in the field.
  3. Agents with the app installed are notified of the new job in their area via push, SMS or e-mail.
  4. The first Agent to accept the job has 2 hours to complete it.
  5. Once the information is found, entered and submitted, the Agent receives a memo credit for the value of the work in their account.
  6. If the information was accurate, that memo credit becomes a permanent deposit within 48 hours and is available to be transferred to the Agent’s PayPal account.
  7. The Client has the information they needed and the Agent made a few extra bucks. Mission accomplished!

Job Examples
A common example of one of our jobs is an item price check with a photo. The App will instruct you to go to your local discount store, find a specific product, take a photo of it on the shelf and enter its price.

This type of job is easy to complete, but is very important to companies who need insight on their competition. Never before has information been so accessible at an affordable price, thanks to technology and capable users such as you.

Another simple job example is a survey. Our Clients often need the opinion of consumers just like you. Surveys are distributed in the same method as other jobs, except you can complete the job and make money from any location. Survey jobs are popular, so act fast to reserve them.

Things to know:

• Jobs typically pay between $3 and $12 each.

• The money you make with Field Agent is real. We do not deal in points or pennies, we pay you real US dollars. This is how it works: the money you earn is stored in your Field Agent account at until you decide to withdraw it. Withdrawals are handled through any standard PayPal account. You determine when and how much to withdraw on and we transfer the money for you. If your withdrawal is more than $10, we cover the fees and it costs you nothing. If your withdrawal is less than $10, a 2% transaction fee is assessed by PayPal, so your PayPal credit will be the amount you withdrew minus 2%.

• The best jobs are offered to Agents with higher Field Agent Rep Scores first. Get your Rep Score high to get a few minutes head start on available jobs!

• Field Agent Rep Scores are determined by reliability and accuracy. To maintain a high Rep Score, only accept jobs that you can complete within the time limit and always be sure to enter accurate information. All Agents start with a Rep Score of 85, but each accurately completed job adds 1 point until you reach the max of 100. Uncompleted jobs cause you to lose a point and inaccurately entered information causes you to lose 5 points. If you want to boost your Rep Score with bonus points, you can complete jobs extra fast or refer friends to the App using its referral feature.

• Except for surveys, jobs are typically dependent on your verifiable GPS location and usually require you to take a picture with your iPhone as confirmation. This helps ensure the accuracy of information and keeps our Clients happy so they come back with more jobs for Agents like you.

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