Jesus and the robot – Android comes to iPhone

Jobs ain’t gonna like this – Android for the iPhone is out. If you are the owner of anything but an iPhone 3GS and hate Jobsian control, but love Jobsian design, but don’t want to get an Android contract, but don’t know why you have an iphone – why not step over to the Android side of things? Naturally, an OS which isn’t specifically made for a piece of hardware is going have its issues, but that isn’t really the issue is it? The issue, rather, is that Apple’s hegemony – their complete control of a closed device – has been broken yet again, and this time far more intimately than by jailbreaking. The installation has some quirks, but what alternative firmware doesn’t?

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If Jobs’s had a cow over Jailbreaking, he’ll probably leave a trail of milk on the sidewalk after this one. He can rest easy of course, even after installing Android, iPhone OS can still be used. Actually, it reminds me of Rockbox, the iPod audiophile firmware, except that Rockbox is in every way superior to the stock firmware of my iPod nano.

If you are interested, head over to Linux on iPhone for more information.

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