A flurry of updates – We Rule, Space Miner: Space Ore Bust and Warpgate

Several high profile titles have just seen an update on this fine April day. First and foremost – the ngmoco freemium Farmville-style sim game – We Rule has finally been updated with loads of long awaited interface and performance tweaks, as well as a the placeholder for new buildings. I have checked it out and the game has become much more user-friendly as well as a bit quicker on the uptake on the iPhone 3G. Get it now!

We Rule ngmoco, Inc., We Rule – Free

Second – the absolutely wonderful and horribly addicting Space Miner: Space Ore Bust (TMA Review) has just received a massive graphics update for the 3GS and iPod Touch 3G, a whole new license level with a bunch of new equipment, new alien tech and even a new UltracORE mode difficulty (beat the game with only ONE life). In the original review, I gave it a firm Kiss; now with the additional content and improved visuals for the latest iDevices, Space Miner gets even better and is totally worth the $4.99.

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust Venan Entertainment, Inc., Space Miner: Space Ore Bust – $4.99

And finally the amazing open-world space exploration/trading/action/tactics that hit the AppStore after more than a year in development – Warpgate – has already received an update. Miscellaneous bugs are fixed and Freeverse have added the much requested interactivity to space combat with tilt controls for movement and final-resort diversion of weapons power to shields. I am going to review it later today, but even without the update it is one of the best games I ever played on the iPhone and the improved combat system just patched the only real cons I was going to note in the review. Go get it – you won’t regret it! Or wait for my review :)

Warpgate Freeverse, Inc., Warpgate – $4.99

You can find the official list of improvements after the gap.

We Rule ngmoco, Inc., We Rule – Free

– Added pinch zooming, and zooming in past 1.0x
– Added double tap zooming to a location
– Improved character pathing
– Added animated popup bubbles
– Objects stay flipped in re-design mode
– Improved selection of objects
– Improved decal positioning when moving buildings
– Show pop-ups while scrolling
– Show pop-ups when zoomed out
– Fixed bug causing pop-ups to not show up in other people’s kingdoms
– Fixed bug that caused crops to look finished when they weren’t actually finished
– General performance improvements and memory optimizations

* If you experience problems with this update, deleting and reinstalling We Rule will fix any graphical issues.

Space Miner: Space Ore Bust Venan Entertainment, Inc., Space Miner: Space Ore Bust – $4.99

We’ve been hard at work putting this new update together for our fans, and taking a game you already love and making it EVEN BETTER!

First up, eye candy! Using our brand new Mercury Graphics engine, we make our asteroids and ships look INCREDIBLE on the 3GS and 3rd gen iPod Touch. You gotta see it to believe it!

Next, more equipment! Unlock the new License Level 7 to get access to elite, ultra-expensive new tech that makes your awesome ship even MORE AWESOME!

For the hardcore player, there is now the ultimate Space Miner challenge – UltracORE mode! Can you beat the game with ONLY ONE LIFE on the hardest difficulty?

We give you some help though – in the form of five new Alien Tech – all designed to help you survive the rigors of space!

We also spent some time re-balancing our difficulty levels and level progression. Expect things to be a little more challenging on your next visit to Gritstone Mining!

And now you can spread the word to your friends and followers via our new integration with Facebook and Twitter! Get a new message posted on your wall or feed when you beat the game, telling everyone of your awesome mining exploits!

And finally, since we were in there making all these other changes, we decided to give you ten more Plus+ awards to unlock. Can you complete every challenge Space Miner has to offer?

Now that is a BIG update!

Don’t wait, grab it now and re-discover the world of Space Miner once again!

We need your help! We want to keep bringing you the highest quality original games and to do that we need to get the word out about Space Miner!

Keep the 5-star ratings and reviews coming, and recommend us to your friends!

Thanks for playing Space Miner!!!!

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Warpgate Freeverse, Inc., Warpgate – $4.99

Brand New Combat System
Control your ship via the Accelerometer to make tactical decisions. Move in for the kill, or keep to out outside as you outrun enemy nukes.
New ability to divert all weapon power to the shields. Use the “Shield Boost” button in combat to dump the power normally found in your weapons back into your shield.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed a bug with saving
– Fixed a bug where some shield upgrades did not give full shield upgrade
– Fixed a bug with the Mjolnir Battle Cruiser
– Fixed a few typos
– Fixed an orientation bug with the Mission Log screen
– Fixed a bug when purchasing In App Purchases

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