Crazy Penguin Party in Review – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

One of the reasons I wanted an iPod Touch was because I got to play this adorable little game on my brother-in-law’s iPhone – you shoot penguins out of a catapult and try to hit as many polar bears as you can. I love polar bears in general, and in this game these bears were delightfully big, burly and totally huggable. That game, Crazy Penguin Catapult, was one of the first ones I bought as soon as I had my own iPod Touch.

Crazy Penguin Party will be instantly familiar to anyone who has ever tried Crazy Penguin Catapult. You have the same hardy penguins going head to head with pot-bellied polar bears – only this time, there’s a lot more going on. Feel free to discuss this review of Crazy Penguin Party in our forums.

Crazy Penguin Party has six different mini-games, and introduces a bunch of new characters. The basic objective is to beat these mini-games and collect as many stars as you can. Mini-games range from ice skating to Doodle Jump (and its reverse) style of platform game, as well as bouncing off sleeping polar bears to go higher.

There are three game modes and five levels of difficulty. In the Tournament mode, you can pass the device to your friend or compete with the CPU and aspire for the best times/most number of stars on each of the mini-games. If you’re playing against the CPU, you don’t get to see how it plays – rather just a quick summary of its success with the game is shown, as well as its best time. This is a bit of a letdown especially if you want to see how it’s done and done well.

Going to that, the instructions are pretty bare – in no more than three sentences, most of the time. This is similar to my concerns with Crazy Penguin Catapult, which similarly gives little guidance on how to master the story-based game. In Crazy Penguin Party, while the mini-games are fairly simple and revolve around multitouch or accelerometer controls, it would be nice to give an overview of all the games and how you can win them.

The polar bears take a back seat to the new characters that are introduced – you now have a vicious octopus to swim away from and a hapless blowfish for some rodeo moves. Still, the polar bears remain my favorite even with some reduced screen time on this game, and I enjoyed bouncing off them in the Cliff Hanger mini-game out of all the others.

The third game mode, racing, offers variants of platform style gameplay with a mix of ice skating and diving mini-games. Ice skating is promising but there isn’t enough eye candy to sustain my interest. As for the two other platform mini-games, Free Fall and Rocket Science, while they are enjoyable, the developers could have offered a different kind of mini-game instead.

Graphics are polished, cartoony and cute. Controls are polished, but the loading times in between are a bit of an annoyance over time. The music, circus-style punchy and upbeat makes for a great soundtrack. While there is no online scoreboard integration or achievements, you can use Twitter to broadcast your scores. The launch of iPhone OS 4.0 this summer and the social gaming network led by Apple means the developers won’t need to put it in.

The price has been reduced to $0.99 from its original price of $2.99 and for less than a buck there’s a lot going on to keep you entertained for hours. The games are standalone fun, and Crazy Penguin Party definitely makes a good companion to games with family and friends.


App Summary
Title: Crazy Penguin Party Developer: Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. 2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 7.1 MB
  • Gorgeous graphics and upbeat soundtrack
  • Great price for a lot of content
  • Highly entertaining for kids and adults alike
  • Platform mini-games are a bit redundant
  • Loading times in between, albeit at short intervals, can get annoying and tedious after a while


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