Saving Private Sheep in Review – He’d better be worth saving!

One of the truly great things about the AppStore model is the fact that it allows for small indie developers to truly shine. A few years ago, one such teams made an original Flash game based around safely transporting an object to the surface by destroying the supporting structures. Since then, the idea has found many implementations, e.g. Tiki Totems, Tumbledrop (TMA Review). Today we’ll take a look at another one – Saving Private Sheep by BulkyPix – a humorous reiteration of the same concept.

Saving Private Sheep is a puzzle game where you have to safely lower your sheep to the surface. A long time ago sheep and shepherds lived together in harmony and safety. But then war began and the shepherds were called to serve their country. Taking advantage of this wolves have started to encroach on the sheep’s territory and many of the fluffy family fell prey. Now only you can save you compatriots by making sure the sheep special forces descend safely into enemy territory!

Only you can save sheep-kind. Level after level you’ll have to make sure Private Sheep can get down safely. To do so, you’ll need to destroy obstacles (by touching them) without tipping the sheep off the screen. If that sounds simple – it is… for about 5 levels at least. As soon as new types of obstacles are introduced however, things become much more complicated! And there are always those disguised wolves that must not be allowed to reach safety! The game constantly keeps you on your guard by introducing new types of blocks, and new twists such as sudden sorting games.

For the perfectionists, each level is scored based on the number of blocks removed and time taken to reach safety. And earning a gold medal IS tough on the later levels. Speaking of levels – there are whole 80 of them with excellently designed progression of difficulty. And to boast your medals full Openfeint support is included with achievements, leaderboards and all that other stuff.

The graphics in the game are lovely – very cartoony and humorous. Speaking of the latter – the game simply overflows with joviality. From the menus, to the story and in-game comments – it’s everywhere. There’s nothing much to say about the interface – you touch the obstacles to explode them. Multitouch IS supported, moreover – it is required to solve some levels with maximum scores. The only bit of frustration I found was a slight lag of the block explosion. I couldn’t figure out if it was by design or simply a lag on my older iPhone 3G so thought I’d note it.

Saving Private Sheep is one of the more enjoyable puzzle games I’ve laid my hands on for quite some time now. The excellent graphics fueled by humour bring new life to the game mechanics making for loads and loads of pure fun. You won’t regret the $2.99 spent – I promise you!

With this I declare Saving Private Sheep officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Saving Private Sheep Developer: Bulkypix
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 32.7 MB
  • Excellent graphics
  • Lots and lots of humour
  • Varied gameplay
  • Significant amount of levels with finely tuned difficulty progression
  • Block explosions are a bit laggy


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