Fail: Opera Mini Web browser and Acid3 benchmark

Acid3 is a suite of tests which benchmarks a browser’s performance in standards compliance and page rendering. Desktop versions of Opera fair pretty well, but Opera Mini Web browser falls (alot) somewhat lower than that. iPhone Safari scores 100/100, but fails the last portion, an image render. Opera Mini Web browser makes do with a score of 74/100 AND fails the last image. At least it betters Internet explorer and Sony PSP’s Netfront browsers which added all together, barely crack 50/100!

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TouchMyApps readers have noticed Opera webpage rendering issues, though there are other opinions, which favour its browsing speed. Opera Mini Web browser needs to catch up with its desktop version, but considering a first release on the iDevice, is far better than Microsoft’s offerings. In terms of thes standard Acid3 suite of tests, the current pack of mobile web browsers is led by Mobile Safari and closely followed by Firefox.

Opera for the iPhone is still a worthwhile download though and represents the first non-Webkit option on the platform.

Thank you iSmashPhone

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