Update: Cobra Command now Free. Hungry for some laserdisc action? Grab Cobra Command tomorrow for FREE!

Ahh, nostalgia… I remember the good old days when I would spend whole weekends at the arcades. One of my favourite arcade machines have been the laserdisc ones, especially the awesome Dragon’s Lair and Cobra Command. Well, great news for all those who grew up in the 80s (ok, and for everyone else as well:)) The latter laserdisc classic is going to be FREE for a whole day tomorrow! Make sure to grab it then! Meanwhile, check the video trailer and more after the gap…

Cobra Command Revolutionary Concepts, Cobra Command – $4.99 -> FREE (on Apr 17th)

★★★★★ Cobra Command the epic laserdisc arcade classic! Recommended by IGN, Touch Arcade, Joystiq, PocketGamer, SlidetoPlay, TapCritic and countless other sites. Avg of 4.5 out of 5 STARS Worldwide!!

Dev Update: iPad Compatibility introduced today in Update 1.2

Coming Soon: 2x exciting new Games. “Frogman”, and arcade classic “Karate Champ”.
Send a blank email to devteam@revolutionaryconcepts.net to be first to know about the release date and be in the running for one of 50 FREE copies on launch day. (Free copies randomly chosen each day from here to launch).

Breaking News 5th March – Out today our newest App PRANKSTAR. Call your friends as Dr Phil, Jack Nicholson, or Sling Blade, MONTHS of fun for under a buck! Be the among the first to enjoy this laugh out loud app.

Cobra Command 1.1 – ( v1.2 iPad Compatibility update coming soon!)

✔ Slide to Play: 4/4 Must Have! “you owe it to yourself to experience the 80’s magic that still shines today!”

✔ JoyStiq: 14th Dec ‘iPhone it in’ app of the week

✔ IGN: “a fast ball right over my plate! If you’re a retrogamer you’ll have a blast!”

✔ PocketGamer: “one of the most inventive and unique experiences seen on the App Store”

✔ Touch Arcade: “of the laserdisc games available on the iPhone Cobra Command is by far the most impressive”

✔ Touch Arcade: (update) “at this price it’s a game anyone even remotely intrigued should snag!” Included in Best Retro Ports of the year.

✔ TapCritic: “an incredible job and an absolute steal! Amazing! A must buy!”


In 1984 Data East released what was the most cinematic and immersive gaming experience the world had ever seen, an arcade machine called Cobra Command that featured movie-like visuals and surround sound that were years ahead of their time, to put you in the pilots seat of a futuristic attack helicopter.

Now 25 years on Revolutionary Concepts and licensor G-mode bring that same game in all it’s glory to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Better yet, the addition of touch screen controls, tilt steering, enhanced h.264 widescreen video, vastly improved graphics, unlockable awards and online scoring, makes for a game unlike anything you’ve likely ever experienced.

Incredibly this is only possible on the iPhone and iPod Touch and not todays most powerful gaming consoles.

Video Preview: http://bit.ly/70Z7g8


Cobra Command for iPhone & iPod Touch.

The world is under attack and you are in command of the most awesome combat machine ever designed! Armed with sophisticated weaponry your ultra modern Cobra Attack Chopper will take you through 10 dangerous missions ranging from New York, to the Pacific Ocean, the Middle East, and everything in between.

In your quest you will find you are engaged in combat with a seemingly never-ending stream of enemy combatants, who will throw everything they have at you including helicopters, jets, bombers, tanks, ships, gun emplacements and rocket launchers, with more than a few surprises along the way.

While you view the action from the relative comfort of your cockpit, you engage each of these enemies on a kill or be killed basis. ☠


Get ready for the ride of your life!
Not for the faint hearted, Cobra Command will redefine your idea of what is possible on the iPhone. But remember, saving the world wasn’t meant to be easy, and only the best will survive 😉

Note: In the screens below we feel it important to point out that what you are seeing are actual in-game captures of real full motion animated action. These aren’t static backdrops.
Seatbelt and/or airsick bags not supplied 😉

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