Price Drop: Age of Tribes FREE for a Day!

Today is a wonderful day. Along with Last Front: Europe, Age of Tribes has dropped to FREE! Age of Tribes, a line-drawing adventure, is a ticklish blend of Lemmings and Flight Control which puts you in the role of a tribal leader who must lead your followers to safety against scary odds and dangerous terrain. At 199 pennies cheaper than its usual price, now is a great time to click the iTunes link:

Age of Tribes Fancy Factory, Age of Tribes – Free

Get them now or check the official description after the gap.

App Description

As the leader of a small group of natives from different eras, it’s your mission to lead the members of your clan home safely. Not that simple, since your tribe members trust you blindly and would readily follow any path you present them with.

You determine the way home simply by skillfully drawing stairs with your finger. Tap the screen once to start a new stairway – then move the finger to the point where the stairs should end and stop touching the screen. The newly created path only exist for a few seconds – so it depends on the right timing. You can make up to 8 paths at a time. The group members will happily follow any path that you draw for them. And this way, with a little bit of luck, you’ll make sure that all of the clan members reach their home safely. In the process, watch out for dangerous traps and take care that your people don’t fall down to far.
To complete a level you have to lead a set amount of members home safely – you’ll find the exact amount at the top edge of the screen next to the time display.

Thanks to the fully integrated Plus+ network after each successfully completed level you have the opportunity to save your required time into a highscore list. The less time you need for a level, the higher your achievement will be rated. And even more awards for saving all tribe members and for an outstanding playtime are waiting for you.

Age of Tribes – Features

– 4 different eras with a total of 8 different graphic themes
– 2 beginner levels and 5 levels per era
– precise touchscreen controls
– beautifully designed graphics
– elaborate animations
– partical effects (3nd gen devices+)
– exclusive sountrack for each era
– funny sound effects
– Plus+ enabled with leaderboards and achievments

Last Front: Europe Plow Digital, LLC, Last Front: Europe – Free

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