Debut: OpenTTD for the iPad – transport tycooned!

I must’ve spent ages on Transport Tycoon Deluxe back in the day – I still consider it one of the best tycoon games ever made and certainly the best transportation one. Apparently I’m not the only one to feel like that, hence the OpenTTD project that recently went to version 1.0.0 after about 6 years in development. It is a complete cross-platform remake of the original with lots of added features, huge maps, new vehicles, industries, and much more.

Why am I writing all of this here? Well, because the TMA’s prolific pal: ZodTTD, has already released a FREE port of OpenTTD on the iPAD! I know some of you may have grabbed a previous version of OpenTTD for the iPhone but lets face it – the controls simply didn’t work for the small screen and the overall experience was terrible. With the larger screen real estate of the iPad it looks god damn amazing – I wish I had one already! So if you’re a fan of tycoon games and already a lucky owner of an iPad – what are you waiting for?

OpenTTD for iPad ZodTTD, OpenTTD for iPad – Free

Screens and description after the gap.

OpenTTD is a transport tycoon game with all original graphics and sound effects. Enjoy all the fun of building tracks, trains, planes, cars & trucks, and more! Then create routes to distribute goods from one location to another cashing in along the way!

This is a fully featured game including:
– Multiplayer!
– Save states.
– New sound effects.
– Newly designed 32bit graphics.
– Downloadable content!
– Tons of options to tweak.
– So so much more!

You’ll love this great game and it’s 100% FREE!

Thanks so much!

Source code for this application is freely available at

  • jim

    with mouse emulation it will suck on the ipad too.

  • The comments are quite positive for now. And it’s free, so I don’t see how anyone can complain.

  • can you make an video ? of ingameplay ? i dont have an ipad to look the game :(

    mfg iptoux

  • Enkera

    Can anyone give me the .ipa of this game?
    It’s not on iTunes anymore and i’d really love to have it!
    Just goto iTunes and right-click on the app to show it in explorer/finder

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