iPhone and iPad Development Classes in June and July at About Objects

Reston, VA – About Objects will be offering an updated version of its most popular iPhone development training course, revamped to include full coverage of iPad development. The new 5-day, hands-on course, is entitled Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development. It’s the latest in a series of iPhone development training programs developed at About Objects that has proven popular with developers from companies such as Apple, eBay, Genentech, Intuit, Raytheon, NASA, and Yahoo!. Classes are priced at $2,495 ($2,295 with early registration), and will run in Cupertino, California June 5-11, followed by a class in Reston, Virginia July 12-23.

There are two other courses in the series: ANSI C Programming, and Objective-C for Beginners. The courses have been designed as a sequence to allow developers to ‘right-size’ their training by choosing the mix of classes they need. The curriculum is designed to give students a solid grounding in iPhone development, with an emphasis on how things work under the covers. The class helps developers to fully understand Objective-C and Apple’s frameworks, as well as their own code. It gives them the tools to diagnose problems, and to continue learning on their own.

Classes are taught by two well-known and highly regarded iPhone developers: Jonathan Lehr, founder of About Objects, and Aaron Morse, developer of numerous hit iPhone apps including TapDefense, and Trenches. Both have extensive training backgrounds that include years of teaching beginner-level, intermediate, and advanced development topics centered around Apple’s Objective-C and Java frameworks.

The classes make use of a unique About Objects ‘building-blocks’ training methodology. This approach ensures students get a solid grounding in the fundamentals, as the curriculum takes students through a series of carefully pre-planned steps, each building on knowledge gained in previous steps. Along the way, the instructors’ deep knowledge of Objective-C and Apple technologies allows them to provide numerous tips and techniques for using the language, the tools, and the frameworks more effectively.

The training techniques used in About Objects classes has proven effective in preparing developers to develop shipping iPhone apps, as evidenced by the number of former students whose apps are currently available on Apple’s App Store. Here’s what recent attendee, Craig McLeod, had to say: “My company (Resort Technology Partners of Avon, CO) started on a complex, augmented reality iPhone app, REALSKI, weeks before I went to my About Objects class. When I got back, I was able to jump into development and become a key member of the project. The app uses the iPhone’s GPS and location-based data so that when you’re at a ski resort, you can see labeled information about the runs, lifts, and buildings around you through the iPhone’s camera. Apple has featured it under New and Noteworthy section in iTunes.”

Another recent attendee, Mark Kenney, said this: “Thanks again for the class! My first app got approved for sale just before Christmas. I’m working on version 2.0 of it now. It is a simple tip calculator called MyTip (from MechDog). Nothing ground breaking but wanted to get something done and submitted to learn more about the process. Thanks again for the wonderful class and I look forward to a Core Data or some other class I can take next year with you! ”

The following are testimonials from other recent attendees at About Objects iPhone development classes:

“This course was above and beyond what I expected. Most courses I have taken have given me ‘pointers.’ This course gave me understanding and a great foundation to build upon.” – Damon Renfrow, The Jockey Club Technology Services

“Excellent, well thought out and well designed course. This is a MUST-HAVE course for any one aspiring to be a good iPhone developer.” – Santosh Menon, Sybase

This was the best course I have taken and far better than the Stanford University class. I learned more in one week, with historical backgrounds from NeXT that I would have never learned anywhere else.” – Victoria French, Metrosharp

The best course I’ve ever taken. If you are serious about getting in-depth, end-to-end, real world iPhone programming, you must take this course! – John D’Esposito, Technet

About the Series

The first of the three classes in the series is the 3-day ANSI C Programming course, currently available in Reston only. This class provides a comprehensive introduction for developers who lack experience in C or a C-like language, such as Java, C , or C#, as well as for those who are relatively new to programming.

The next class in the series is a 2-day Objective-C for Beginners class that’s designed to get experienced programmers (or those who have taken the ANSI C Programming course) up to speed quickly on object-oriented programming in Objective-C.

The third and final class in the series is the new, 5-day course: Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development. The class starts with a brief review of Objective-C syntax and key Foundation framework programming topics such as memory management, and then covers the following topics:

* Working with Xcode
* Working with Foundation Classes (strings, arrays, dictionaries, etc.)
* Memory Management and Performance Monitoring
* Network and Files
* Applications, Windows, Views, and Layers
* View Controllers
* Custom Drawing with Core Graphics
* Core Animation
* Responding to Touches
* Interacting with Buttons and Other Controls
* Working with Text Fields and Keyboard Input
* Working with Interface Builder
* Table views
* Navigation and Tab Bar Controllers
* Working with iPad-specific User Interface Elements
* Web Views
* Storing and Retrieving User Preferences and Data
* Working with the iPhone’s Accelerometer, Location Data, and Other Core Services.

Class Schedule

The June classes will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino, located at 10741 North Wolfe Road in Cupertino, California. The Cupertino class schedule is as follows:

* Objective-C for Beginners: June 5-6
* Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development: June 7-11

July classes will be held at About Objects, 1818 Library Street, 5th Floor, Reston, Virginia. The Reston class schedule is as follows:

* ANSI C Programming: July 12-14
* Objective-C for Beginners: July 15-16
* Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development: July 19-23

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About Objects is a leading source of training and development in Objective-C on the iPhone OS and Mac OS X platforms, and was the first company in the world to offer public developer training on the iPhone SDK. Headquartered in Reston, VA, About Objects offers public training at multiple locations, including Cupertino, CA, in addition to private and onsite classes. The company also provides development and consulting services for the iPhone OS and Mac OS X. Copyright 2010 About Objects. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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