ShakeItPhoto In Review – Shake it, just like a polaroid

The built-in-camera is one of the popular features of the iPhone. There is a whole section of the AppStore devoted to apps that make use of it. From postcards to panoramic, photo cropping to image editing. Some more of gimmick then others that can just blow your mind. Today I got my hands on a fun little app that I would say is a bit gimmicky (if that’s a word) but still fun. Read on to see how Shakeitphoto developed.

The basic function of Shakeitphoto is to mimic the experience of using the old school Polaroid or “instant” cameras. Keeping that in mind and having used camera mimicking apps such as G700-1st Soft Camera, I expected maybe a fun little interface that would bring me back and give me that old school vibe. Unfortunately that’s one area where the developer decided to skip.  Although not detrimental to the app, I felt that without any sort of mocked up interface the app loses some of its “classic” appeal. Instead after a brief splash screen viewable on first launch you are thrown right to the camera view mode.

ShakeItPhoto’s sole purpose is to take pictures and it does so very well. Part of the gimmick is that after the photo is taken, the picture comes sliding onto the screen as if it were coming out of one of those old instant cameras. This function looks and sounds perfect.  Now with a name like ShakeItPhoto, you have to expect some action. Well you’re right. After the photo slides on screen you have the option of shaking it to speed up the developing process (cue the Outkast…shake it, shake, shake, shake it…).

The end result is a 1040 x 1016px framed image which looks great. One thing that I thought was off was that instead of what we are all used to seeing when we think Polaroid (with the image surrounded by a border and a spot at the bottom big enough to write something in). The pictures are just bordered the same width all around. Although it looks nice, I think it would have been neat to emulate those old photos. Maybe even have an option to add a caption that would get put in a handwritten style font at the bottom.

Some other features of the app are the ability to select a picture from your albums, altering the “shake” speed and deciding if you want to keep the original “unprocessed” image. All of these are accessible by hitting cancel from the camera mode. In the end I have to give the developer credit. ShakeItPhoto is well put together.  I think that if a bit more work is done on the design end, it will feel a lot more authentic and evoke more nostalgia.

App Summary
Title: ShakeItPhoto Developer: Nick Campbell
Reviewed Ver: 1.2 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 4.4 MB
  • Well put together
  • “Shaking” element is fun
  • Lacking more “nostalgic” elements
  • App is almost too bare-bones


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