Silent Swords Zero in Review – The Silent Ninja is Back!

I think that my biggest complaint with the original Silent Swords game for the iPhone and iPod touch was the controls. The stealth game was fun and challenging, but the controls seriously lacked any sort of innovation or general ease of use. Luckily, that is one of the things Oniric Games’ recently released prequel, Silent Swords ZERO, addresses.

App Description:

The prequel to the first stealth action game for the iPhone and iPod touch, Silent Swords ZERO goes back in time to reveal more about the story of the Little Black Ninja. Who is he? What is he looking for? Why are the Silent Swords so special? All the answers lie hidden under the cold white snow in this thrilling new installment of the Silent Swords saga.

Now, there isn’t a whole lot that’s different between these two titles. There are some, but fundamentally it’s the same formula. But that’s not a bad thing, so not to worry. For those who have yet to play the first Silent Swords (or simply missed out on my review here on TMA), allow me to cover the basics again…

You’re a ninja, attempting  to escape from a facility in which you are very, very far from the exit. You have to sneak around in a stealthy manner to cut guards down and take keycards to advance to the next level, all without being detected. These guards are really quick on the draw — if they see you for a split second, you’re dead.

You can only be detected if you’re under a light on the same platform as a guard looking in your direction. If you’re on the first floor under a light, and there’s a guard on the second floor looking your way, you’ll be fine. He can’t see you. Guards can also detect you if you’re in close proximity to them while they’re under a light, regardless of where they’re looking.

Once you get close enough to a guard to slice him up, you have to complete a series of on-screen gestures. Most of these are pretty simple and should be able to be completed quickly, so you can keep moving. When the guards in the room have all been eliminated, you will be rewarded with a keycard that opens a door, and thus allowing you to progress to the next room.

There are also two special weapons; throwing stars, and sleeping darts. Throwing stars are making a return from the first game, allowing you to kill enemies from a distance. The sleep darts, however, are a new addition, and allow you to temporarily put an enemy to sleep.

Some enemies will essentially force you to using both weapons strategically, and it’s taken me an hour or so to complete one level at times. It does get rather difficult.
There are also smoke bombs, which allow you to teleport around the room.

Another welcomed and addition in ZERO is the ability to hide under snow in the snow-covered levels. At the quick click of a button, you can bury yourself under the snow, so as to remain invisible to enemies even if under direct light. And on certain levels where lights move or flicker, the use of snow to stay hidden adds another layer to the gameplay.

As far as controls go, things have been vastly improved since the last iteration of the Silent Swords series. The new default controls (my favorite) involves utilizing a slider to move left and right whilst the on-screen buttons allow you to jump or bury yourself under the snow. If you somehow enjoyed the control scheme from the first game, you’re given the option to do so too, along with a few others.

With a total of 25 brand new levels and several additions, Silent Swords ZERO makes for a fun and enjoyable stealth game – especially true if you liked the first. They’ve addressed the one issue (controls) I had with Silent Swords and added several new features to make this totally worth your hard-earned $2.99.


App Summary
Title: Silent Swords ZERO Developer: Oniric Games
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 33.9 MB
  • Great stealth mechanics
  • Puzzles that stump
  • New weapons and mechanics add a lot
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Feels more fast-paced than the first
  • Good length
  • Nothing, really


This review of Silent Sword ZERO was brought to you by TouchMyApps contributor Connor Coghlan. You can find him via his twitter account @Condawg

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