You thought snes4iphone was cool on the iPad? Just check out n64iphone!

Recently we made a post about the amazing work of a friend of TMA – ZodTTD – in already having tested out his snes4iphone emulator on the iPad. Well, with the iPad already jailbroken, his buddy chpwn has most recently checked out how one of the most anticipated emulators, the N64 one, will run on the iPad.

The official comment from ZodTTD after the gap…

Hello from ZodTTD,

Today I bring you a video from my good friend chpwn who was kind enough to his jailbroken iPad to run n64iphone on it.

n64iphone requires a jailbreak to run as it uses a dynarec. A dynarec being a programming technique used in emulation to parse, translate, compile and execute code on the fly. As making dynamically allocated memory executable would be a security risk to Apple, the only way you get these goods is to jailbreak.

Note that this video is showing n64iphone with no changes from the iPhone version, and therefor has a huge odd looking controller image and is scaled up 2x. Once the jailbreak is made public, n64iphone will have an iPad native 1024×768 resolution screen + full layout controller. 😀

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