Babel Rising is FREE today only!

BABEL Rising, a game that has captivated the attention of the recently interviewed Frédéric Aloé from Coladia, has just been updated with two new game modes available via in-app purchases and has been set FREE for a day in collaboration with the project. Grab it below or check the screens and description after the gap.

BABEL Rising BULKYPIX, BABEL Rising – Free

Babel Rising in collaboration with will be FREE today and today only.

#1 paid games in France

“You are God! From high above in the sky, it appears the humans are bustling about… and building a tower. A tower, what for? To raise themselves to your level? How conceited, how foolhardy. It is time to show them the price to pay for defying the Creator!

Babel Rising is an action puzzle game offering hours of gameplay. The challenge is simple: unleash your powers to prevent the humans from building the tower.”
“You have six devastating powers at your disposal, including the thunderbolt, the typhoon and earthquake!
From the simplest to the most powerful, master them, use them one after the other and combine them to increase their impact.
Divine power is at your fingertips: sweep the screen from top to bottom and left to right with one finger or more to unleash your wrath.”

“Perform the “divine combo” successfully and sweep away the humans from the tower’s levels in one go.
Hilarious animations, detailed graphics and a soundtrack worthy of the best Roman Empire movies in a humorous setting.
Win trophies, publish your scores on-line and beat your best scores.”

Search for God and you will find him! You are the boss and mankind will be sure to remember!

This update provides a lot more content and optimised features:

Two NEW GAME MODES can be purchased:
– Humans are building towers throughout the country. Punish them thanks to CAMPAIGN MODE! Improve your powers and punish the humans more and more each time!
– The impure souls of the heretics try to escape from Hell. Catch them in FURY MODE and punish them as they well deserve! Faster and more violent!

Other improvements are available for free:
– Two original NEW SETTINGS.
– You can now play while listening to the music on your iPod or iPhone. God has the right to choose his music after all!
– Your rankings are now compared with those of your friends on Facebook and Twitter (by adding our friends via OpenFeint).
– Bugs have been corrected and performances improved.

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