Mixologist: Drink Recipes in Review – Vodka-Martini – shaken, not stirred! + Promo Codes

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I love alcohol in all of its varieties and am not afraid to say so. What could be better than a glass of fine red wine after a hard day’s work? But every once in a while I have a craving for something special. And in these times I turn to one of my books with cocktail recipes. Or recently, to my iPhone and the excellent app – Mixologist: Drink Recipes.

Mixologist: Drink Recipes offers almost 8000 cocktail recipes available for your pleasure, along with an extra bit of useful information thrown in for good measure. Even better, the app has quite a few useful features that I haven’t seen in other competing apps. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The basic browsing experience is well-done – you can check out all of the recipes in one list or grouped by ingredient or category. With such a large amount included, the favourite feature allowing you to mark recipes is a nice addition. And if you are a creative cocktail-master yourself, you can put in recipes of your own in the custom section.

Tired of finding a great cocktail recipe only to discover you’re missing a vital component in your own bar? Well, rejoice! Probably the best feature of Mixologist is the ability to mark the liquors and/or mixers you have available and only show recipes you can actually make right off the bat. And if you’re lost in the myriad of cocktails available or simply want to make something new and exotic, you can use the random function with lockable ingredients and/or glass.

But wait, there’s still more! Just starting out your bartending career? Mixologist has an extensive informational section, where you can learn the terminology, techniques and even watch streaming video tutorials. And if you’re missing a component or two, you can use the included search function (Google Maps powered, of course) to search for nearby liquor stores or bars.

One place Mixologist is really lacking is the interface. While easy-to-use and lightning quick, it lacks the polish necessary to make the experience really enjoyable. The other problematic area is the liquor categorization – the app goes into minute detail about the various subtypes of alcohol available in the recipes, without considering the possible replacements. i.e. while I understand the difference between bourbon and scotch and the necessity to differentiate between them, I refuse to acknowledge recipes noting Chivas Regal or Johnnie Walker specifically. If I start to check for cocktails with cognac, I will miss out on all having Courvoisier Cognac specifically, and that’s not even talking about brandy.

Mixologist is one of the best cocktail recipe apps out there, and no doubt about it. The extensive library of cocktails, the excellent tips and tricks and the awesome liquor cabinet functions make it a must have for any true cocktail lover. At the same you should take into consideration that quite a few of the advertised 7900+ recipes are variants of the same cocktail with slightly different liquors specified. And the interface could use quite a lot of polish, especially the category browsing which is too restrictive on alcohol subtypes.

With this I declare Mixologist: Drink Recipes officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Mixologist: Drink RecipesDeveloper: Digital Outcrop
Reviewed Ver:2.0.2Min OS Req:3.0
Price:$0.99App Size:5.4 MB
  • Excellent selection of drinks
  • Useful hints, tips and tutorials
  • Very useful Liquor Cabinet feature
  • A significant number of duplicate recipes
  • The interface could use a lot of polish
  • Too selective on liquor subtypes in recipes


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  • I’ve always wanted a great app for my iPhone to mix drinks when I’m at a party and it seems to be like this is one of the best apps out there for just that. An excellent selection of drinks is good enough to keep me entertained with a variety of drinks. :)

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