iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbroken in a day

Not even a full day has gone by and iPhone OS 4.0 has already been jailbroken. Dev Team’s MuscleNerd posted a video showing his 4.0 beta with Cydia installed, along with this tweet:

“Something you’ll only find on JB 4.0: VNC :) (BTW don’t bother with betas, they’re *very* buggy!)”

Don’t get too excited just yet though. For various reasons, the Dev Team most likely won’t be releasing the 4.0 Jailbreak until it has been officially released by Apple. The big question though is whether iPhone and iPod Touch users will still have a need to Jailbreak their 4.0 devices. With multitasking, folders and a whack load of other new features coming, Jailbreaking may no longer be as appealing (especially for 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd gen owners). Of course, if you want to unlock your phone, Jailbreak is still your only option.

MuscleNerd’s Video after the gap!

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