iPhone OS 4.0: Unified Inbox, threaded messages and other enhancements

Aside from multitasking and folders support in OS 4.0, the mail app on your iPhone and iPod Touch will receive some great new additions. First and foremost is the Unified Inbox. This will mean that users can soon have all their mail in one inbox. That’s right, no more tapping your screen hundreds of times in order to jump to the next email account. For those with multiple accounts, this can save loads of time.

Threaded messages (where emails between all parties are saved in a “conversation” format)  will also be part of the new OS. As a Gmail user myself, I’m definitely liking this feature and it should eliminate all the needless vertical scrolling when attempting to find that 10th email from the same sender. And aside from being able to have more than one Exchange account, users will soon be able to open received attachments with a 3rd party app from the App Store. Business users who’re constantly on the road or those who receive lots of files in a particular format will benefit most from this new option. Overall, the new mail enhancements are a much welcomed addition to OS 4.0.

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