The Pinball free for Mac OS X and Remote Utility for iPhone now available

We previously had a quick sneak peek at Gameprom’s ‘The Pinball’, a collection of 3 pinball games set to make its appearance on the iPad. First up though is the OS X version, which has just been released for the Mac and now available as a free download. That’s right, The Pinball is free, though it only includes the Wild West Pinball table (still a pretty sweet deal if you own a Mac). To unlock Jungle Style Pinball and The Deep Pinball, they’ll set you back $2.99 each. The part where it gets interesting though is how you play the game. Gameprom has also released the free Pinball Utility for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to purchase the extra tables AND control all aspects of the game.

Pinball Remote OOO Gameprom, Pinball Remote – Free
Download link for The Pinball on Mac

Provided that you’re on the same WiFi network, this remote utility will allow you to control your flippers, tilt the table, choose the camera mode and more. My experience with The Pinball on my Macbook was good for the most part, save for some intermittent lag (which could be related to the router issues I’ve been having). Mac users should definitely give The Pinball a go, as I find it really neat to be able to sit back and turn your iDevice into a wireless (pinball) controller. Check out some of the gameplay footage below.

The Pinball Overview

Jungle Style Pinball, The Deep Pinball and Wild West Pinball – the best pinball games existing for iPhone platform for one year already. Each table is a masterpiece, every part of it is a separate mechanism and you will be stunned by the level of realism, when you will see how it all works together. Evolution of these applications goes on and now I would like to offer the latest update of these games for your review. Please find below a brief list of those characteristics each the above listed pinball has:

  • 3D graphics with amazing detailed elaboration of the table
  • different modes of camera: stable picture of the “whole table” and agile camera, which follows the ball in the game with automatic zoom in significant places
  • realistic physics
  • tilting of camera with a help of acceleration indicator
  • anaglyptographic (3D) stereo effect (main colors of points are supported)
  • global and local tables of high scores
  • mutiball up to 3 balls simultaneously
  • unique soundtracks and sounds
  • table shaking with a help of acceleration indicator
  • variety of missions and hiding-places
  • intuitively understandable control
  • game manual

Pinball Remote

It’s your iPhone/iPod Touch device with Pinball Remote app on board to take control The Pinball via wi-fi connection.


  • free Wild West table (!)
  • ability to buy new pinball tables
  • full control of the game: start, pause, restart, flipper controls, table tilting, camera controls
  • built-in Help for pinball tables
  • local and global high score tables
  • turning on the stereoscopic mode (stereo glasses required)

Pinball Remote utility is not only a wireless joystick to play The Pinball; it is a full value store. Without getting off the couch, you can buy new tables, which are immediately accessible on your Mac’s screen. Available are also all other functions of our games, which are now standard: local and global scores Help system, Gameprom company news and other.

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