Portable Polynesian God Protects iPhones From Nicks And Scratches

San Diego, California – TikiCase announces the release of a new phenomenon in iPhone cases. iTiki(TM) is a South Pacific deity from the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, who protects iPhones from enemies. iTiki is more than just the original tiki-based iPhone case. It’s the silicone incarnation of the same spirit who, according to legend, created the first woman. When he got thirsty, he invented really tasty rum drinks. Now the iTiki wants to protect your iPhone.

iTiki requires no food or water but he is discriminating. He is looking for iPhone users with discerning tastes and an overwhelming desire to have a phone that looks as cool as they do.

While TikiCase stands behind its products, the company warns users that this new accessory may be life-changing. “We take no responsibility for increased consumption of coconuts, pineapples or tropical cocktails,” says Tim Goggin, chief of sales and marketing. “You may also discover a renewed passion for going to the beach. Don’t blame us if you are suddenly mobbed by surfers and bikini-clad women.”

iTiki actually transforms your iPhone into a tiki by wrapping the phone in a snug-fitting silicone skin, designed to look like traditional Polynesian tikis.

iTiki is available in two colors:
* Pacific – the cool blue of the ocean
* Koa – the warmth of Hawaiian wood

Pricing and Availability:
iPhone 3G and 3Gs users can acquire their own iTiki for $29.97 (USD). iTiki can be shipped anywhere in the world and doesn’t require that you believe in him for him to believe in you.

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TikiCase is a new venture of Information Appliance Associates (IAA). IAA is a world leader in creating unique software solutions, primarily for the Macintosh platform. Their first product, PocketMac Pro, the original Mac-to-Pocket PC sync solution accomplished what at the time was thought impossible–connecting a Mac to a Pocket PC. IAA then expanded into other areas of connectivity with their Microsoft Smartphone product, their iPod product and their BlackBerry sync and multimedia solution. All IAA brands and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of Information Appliance Associates. Macintosh and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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