‘Applegirl’ plays Lady Gaga’s Poker Face with 4 iPhones

So you never got ’round to learning how to play a real instrument…but you do have an iPhone. With so many great music apps available at the App Store, you don’t really have to pick up a guitar or play the piano in order to create awesome tunes. We’ve already seen Guiz belt out several songs as a one-man band. More recently, apple002 on youtube performed Poker Face using not one, but 4 iPhones. Equipped with apps like I Am T-Pain and Beatmaker, this cute Asian diva showcases her vocal and musical talents. Considering that the song was done using nothing but iPhones and apps, this rendition of Poker Face could very well make Lady Gaga proud.

Wait! That’s not all. apple002 also gives Beyonce’s Irreplaceable an iPhone makeover (which features some sweet vocals). Video after the gap!

[via Lemon Drop]

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