3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 – Nothing Revolutionary Here

The brick-breaking genre of game has been around for years… before I was born, in fact. Nevertheless, it remains a decent, if not overly exciting way to pass the time. The gameplay can’t be beaten for simplicity, but there are so many genres of casual game these days that the old classics have got to be something special to keep up. Unfortunately, 3D Break Breaker Revolution 2 isn’t. It’s just a standard brick-breaking game with no revolutionary features. Feel free to discuss this review of 3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 in our forums.

There are two modes, Classic and Revolution. Classic has 99 levels and 5 bosses. Revolution dares you to survive as many levels as you possibly can, with a smattering of deadly bosses. The gameplay is as you’d expect. You have a paddle and a ball, and you must propel the ball in order to smash the bricks on screen. If the ball bounces back and you miss hitting it again, you’ll lose it. Control the paddle either by swiping your finger across the screen, or use the arrows positioned on either side of the game area.

Power-ups help to make the game more interesting, particularly as some of them aren’t real power-ups, but power-downs. Collecting certain tokens will make your ball behave strangely and all manner of oddities that will make your game that much more difficult. So beware the power-ups which float towards you, only pick up the good ones, or it could be Game Over.

Keep playing in order to achieve high scores. Other than beating your own score, though, there isn’t much replay value.

Despite the game not having any OpenFeint, Twitter or Facebook connectivity, you’re still awarded achievements for reaching certain milestones in the game. This seems a waste to me, particularly if you can’t share them with other people. I thought this lack of social media was a function seriously lacking, but it appears the developer has tried to make up for it by allowing you to listen to your own music as you play. This is a blessing, as the in-game music can get pretty irritating after some time.

The old-school music actually fits in with the graphics, though. Despite boasting wonderful 3D graphics, this game still looks seriously dated. I know you can’t really make such a simplistic game look like Avatar in 3D, but still. It just feels as though you’re playing a game you had for an 80s computer, but on your iDevice. If you’re into classic gaming, or fancy a spot of nostalgia you will probably enjoy playing this game. However, unless you’re desperately seeking a block-breaking game for your iDevice, I’d probably give it a miss. 3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 is unlikely to appeal to your average casual gamer, therefore its appeal is limited. It’s cheap, but not cheap enough.

Not convinced? Check out the Lite version of 3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 FREE!


App Summary
Title: 3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 Developer: Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.5 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $1.99 App Size: 9.9 MB
  • Not overly expensive
  • Has a Lite version
  • Gameplay is pleasant enough to pass the time
  • Grade B graphics and sound
  • No revolutionary features
  • Little replay value
  • No social media connectivity


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