Turn your Ex into a Zombie with Zombiebooth

MotionPortrait Inc, the bright minds behind the unique and innovative photo apps PhotoSpeak and HourFace, have taken their photo-to-animation technology and created ZombieBooth. With ZombieBooth, you can turn yourself or family/friends into blood-thirsting zombies:

MotionPortrait’s cutting-edge technology takes a still photo and turns it into a living, breathing 3D movie that snaps and bays for brains right there on the iPhone screen.

Once you’ve selected your desired image from the camera roll, your “victim” will soon be turned into a 3D model of a zombie. You can then interact with your new friend by dragging a finger around the screen and even let him/her/it take a nibble or two! If you enjoyed MotionPortraits’ previous apps or always wondered what kind of zombie your ex would make, ZombieBooth is certainly worth a look. Video and more info after the gap.

ZombieBooth: Alive in 3D photo MotionPortrait, Inc., ZombieBooth: Alive in 3D photo – $0.99

App Description

*** Chilling New iPhone App from Japan’s Photo Manipulation Masters ***

With gruesome graphics and stomach-churning sound effects, ZombieBooth from MotionPortrait brings a whole new dawn of the dead experience to your iPhone.

Thanks to stunning online processing that shows just what your iPhone can do, ZombieBooth cranks up the fear factor to turn your photos of friends and family into an army of bloody, terrifying zombies.

MotionPortrait’s cutting-edge technology takes a still photo and turns it into a living, breathing 3D movie that snaps and bays for brains right there on the iPhone screen.

Just fire up ZombieBooth, use the iPhone’s camera to take a snap of a friend (or use one from your Camera Roll) and wait for the magic to kick in while the MotionPortrait servers get to work.

The result is as horrific as any SFX army of the undead you’ve seen on the silver screen – we’re not saying we can teach Hollywood to suck eggs, but our zombies are the real deal.

And, when you’re ready to spread the lust for brains, there’s a range of sharing options for getting your hideous avatar online through email and Twitter.

What’s more, your ZombieBooth creations can also make the leap to our other smash-hit iPhone apps, PhotoSpeak and PhotoAvatar (both sold separately). Talking alien zombies, anyone?

Accompanied by full-blown horror sound effects, these creatures of the night are not for the faint-hearted or the very young – unless you want to induce heart attacks and nightmares, that is…

Use with caution – you have been warned!


  • Create a 3D zombie face from your photos or the iPhone camera
  • Turn anyone into a gruesome member of the undead
  • Cutting-edge MotionPortrait technology
  • X-rated gory skin, eyes and teeth
  • Horrific zombie sound effects
  • A huge range of random zombies to build your nightmare army
  • Touch the zombie’s mouth to make it snap at your finger
  • Drag a finger across the screen to make the zombie follow your movements
  • Save a snapshot in the Camera Roll
  • Send your zombies by email
  • Sharing by Twitter built in

Getting your photos ZombieBooth-ready

Our advanced face-recognition technology is cutting-edge but delicate and needs a good photo to work with. Here’s what you’ll need to look out for:

  • The subject should be facing straight ahead with head held straight
  • His or her forehead must be visible
  • Bright natural light is best – shadows only get in the way
  • A plain background helps with the face detection

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