Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! in Review – Ripping-off Pocket God MUST be a sin!

Pocket God appeared a little more than a year ago and provided users of the iPhone with quite an original pastime – scoffing at a bunch of defenceless islanders, wreaking all sorts of havoc on the island and basically making their lives miserable. Since its original release, the developers have stayed true to their promise and released an update roughly every 2 or 3 weeks with added content. And when I saw Eyedip’s Pocket Devil, I immediately thought – “Hey, this must be a sequel – I have to check it out!” Oh, how wrong was I! Feel free to discuss this review of Pocket Devil in our forums.

To put it simply, Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! is a complete rip-off of Pocket God from a completely different dev team. The premise is – you’re in charge of hell and have a whole bunch of Mugat2s (don’t even get me started on the name) to torture, kill or even – send to heaven.

One of the few areas where Pocket Devil doesn’t fall too far behind Pocket God is the variety of ways to terrorize your Mugat2s. Just spawn up to 6 victims at once and start terrorizing! I will not bore you with a complete listing of all of the tools available to the would be hell-master, but some notable ones include shackles to hang ’em, a beautiful lady Mugat2 whose kisses could turn one into dust, a demon that devours the denizens of hell and much much more.

Another area where I have to give at least some Kudos to the developers is the inclusion of various minigames with high scores postable to twitter or facebook. They include a half-pipe for snowboarding, shooting the Mugat2s at a hoop, sending them to heaven, taking control of a ninja to slice ‘n dice them and a few more. The real replayability limit here, apart from the horribly designed controls, is the complete absence of any centralized leaderboards. I think adding Openfeint support would go a long way for the Eyedip.

In terms of visuals, the graphics in Pocket Devil are very uneven. While the characters seem to be quite lovingly drawn, every so often you’ll encounter something (obviously slapped in at the last moment) that looks quite terrible. And having the option to slap your own or a friend’s face (from a Facebook picture or the built-in camera) is also a nice touch, though it does cost an additional $0.99. The real bane, however, is the interface. The developers have squeeze all of the available action icons along the bottom and to right of the screen, which makes for a LOT of really small buttons.

Pocket Devil is as close to Pocket God as you can get without being sued for copyright infringement. While it does lack the polish and love of the “original”,  Pocket Devil does try to make up for it in minigames and a few original tortures available. The only reason to even think about picking this up is if you have and love Pocket God, but are just bored and/or can’t wait for the next update.

With this I declare Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! Developer: Eyedip
Reviewed Ver: 5.1 Min OS Req: 2.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 23.0 MB
  • Varied Minigames and tortures
  • Most of the graphics are nice
  • Horrible and clunky interface
  • Stability issues
  • No centralized leaderboards
  • Get’s boring VERY quickly


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Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah!

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