iPad jailbreak, specs and letdowns

While lucky Americans are already enjoying their iPads the rest of the world can only slowly die of envy while hungrily consuming all pieces of news appearing on the web. And some of these we receive with mixed feelings.

For one thing thanks to our recent interviewee ZodTTD and his iPad IO Registry Tree dumps, MacRumours has finally been able to decipher the true iPad hardware specs. And they have turned out not to be as exciting as thought of before.

The much hyped A4 SoC processor is actually based on the older Cortex A8 clocked at an impressive 1 GHz rather than the expected state-of-the-art A9. What’s more surprising is the iPad runs on the same GPU as the iPhone 3GS – the PowerVR SGX 535 and carries the same measely 256Mb of RAM. To sum it up the iPad actually has mostly the same hardware as the almost year old iPod 3GS but with a bigger battery, screen and clocked roughly twice as high. And while this makes for an impressive bump in performance it’s far from the revolutionary package many people expected, especially with a new iPhone just around the corner.

On the upside, however, there are amazing news from the Jailbreak scene. @MuscleNerd,  one of the better known members of the infamous DevTeam, has already been able to hack into the iPad OS under the root account using the same method as used in the iPhone OS 3.1.3 jailbreak codenamed “Spirit”. The 3GS jailbreak too a few months. It seems it’s only a matter of a little bit of time before a public jailbreak for the iPad goes GA. For now check out his video below:

With the jailbreak already visible on the horizon some of the most anticipated Cydia software for it are obviously the line of ZodTTD  emulators ranging from the PSx and N64 to the older but still classic SNES4iPhone emulator – one of the most popular of his titles. And while waiting for the JB ZodTTD has already tried out a special non JB version of his emulator on the iPad (though only at 2x upscaling):

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