Ping! for iPad now available

One of the most popular social networking apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch has now made it over to the iPad.  Ping! had previously been sitting atop the charts in its own respective app category for over 6 months in over 40 countries. With Ping! you no longer have to pay SMS charges just to send messages back and forth between your family and friends. As long as both parties have the app, messaging is unlimited and Free. Here’s what developer Gary Fung have passed on to us:

A tremendous amount of effort and time has been spent on our iPad version to deliver the best possible experience.  In order to engage in an immersive experience, we have built a beautiful, polished user interface mirroring the paper note metaphor.  Users will exchange messages like passing notes, creating a fun and vivid experience where messages come to life in your lap!

We’ve also been told that the initial release for the iPad is currently missing some of the features and functionality of the iPhone and iPod Touch counterparts. Not to worry though, subsequent updates will bring picture/ video messaging as well as other advanced features. For soon-to-be iPad owners who already rely on Ping! to stay in touch, the $2.99 price tag shouldn’t be hard to swallow. A video demo showcasing the app in action can be found after the gap.

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App Description

Tell your friends to Ping! you.

From the creator of Smart Dial, Apple’s once featured app, Memory Sweep(Free!), PushGmail, and 7 more, comes the MESSENGER app we’ve been waiting for — Ping!

IMPORTANT: Before launching Ping!, go to Settings>Notifications to ensure all notifications are ON. See FAQ on

Want to message your friends for FREE like Blackberry Messenger? This is not another IM or SMS app. It’s straight forward iPhone-to-iPhone messaging with push notifications. Stop dealing with IM systems that log you in and out. Forget about paying your carrier for text messaging.

Ping! is the simplest way to message your friends with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It uses a unique Ping! ID and sends messages for FREE! Have friends who have an iPhone but live in another country? No problem, Ping! messages will reach ALL iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads AROUND THE WORLD (ANY country!), for FREE!

• NO MONTHLY COST. Why pay for data AND SMS bundles from your carrier?

• NO ROAMING CHARGES. Some apps offer free SMS, but are exclusive to the U.S, or support few other carriers. Ping! is always free, even when messaging overseas and works in ANY COUNTRY in the world.

• FASTER DELIVERY. Messages are not limited by your carrier’s traffic. Notifications are delivered in an instant.

• WORKS WITH IPAD & IPOD TOUCH. SMS only works with phones. Ping! works with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other devices that Apple may offer in the future.

• NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT. Why deal with the confusion of getting bumped off when you log in on another device? Your messages arrive in one place. Ping! keeps you connected at all times.

• NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS and deal with the tedious process of accepting invitations. All you need is your friend’s Ping! ID to start messaging IMMEDIATELY.

• OFFLINE MESSAGES GUARANTEED. Some IM apps do not support offline messages or only support it with specific software (e.g. MSN). All Ping! messages are stored offline until received.

Using Ping!
1) INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO GET PING! – you can both save money and the
hassle of messaging each other with IM or SMS.

2) Create a Ping! ID. This is your unique identifier and is required for sending messages. Make sure you choose an ID that you are willing to keep using and identifies you – it cannot be changed once created. SHARE THIS ID WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS WHO HAVE AN IPAD/IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH.

3) Ping! your friends – it’s that simple!


Tell your friends to Ping! you on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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