Weave a little Android magic and bring snapshots to life with PhotoSpeak

Tokyo, Japan – From the masters of image manipulation at MotionPortrait, PhotoSpeak takes still photos from your Android handset and transforms them into amazing 3D avatars that can repeat your every word, both on your phone and your friends’ as well.

PhotoSpeak pushes the envelope of Android’s graphics prowess, making it the perfect app to wow friends with and show just what the OS is capable of. PhotoSpeaking could hardly be easier – just take a new photo or choose one from the photo library and let our cutting-edge image processing technology get to work. The result is a living, breathing 3D movie on the phone’s screen.

It’s interactive too – give it a prod and it follows your finger, blinking and moving as realistically as any synthetic human we’ve ever seen. Tap the screen to reveal a couple of nifty Easter Eggs. To put words into your avatar’s mouth, just hit the record button and get creative – freedom of speech rules in PhotoSpeak. The results are stunning, but don’t just take our word for it – try it on your favorite celebrity or even a cartoon character and prepare to be impressed as they get all parrot-like on your phone.

To create a PhotoSpeak movie using your favorite photos:
1. Make sure your phone is connected to a network. WiFi is better.
2. Press the ‘Camera’ button.
3. Take a photo or select one from your photo library.
4. Wait until the process is complete – it can take a minute or more over a cellular network, but is usually done in a few seconds on WiFi. The created movie is automatically saved.

To record a voice:
1. Press the ‘Record’ button
2. After the confirmation dialog is displayed, press ‘OK’ to start recording your voice
3. Press the ‘Stop’ button to stop recording. You can record up to a minute of audio
4. To listen to the recorded voices, press the ‘Voice List’ button

To interact with your movie:
* Tap or drag anywhere on the screen

PhotoSpeak is powered by MotionPortrait technology.

Supported Languages:
* US English, French, German and Japanese

Device Requirements:
* Device must have a camera to use the camera functions, otherwise library photos work just fine
* Android OS 1.6 or higher
* Network connection
* SD Card

Pricing and Availability:
PhotoSpeak costs just 350 yen, or the equivalent in your billing currency, and is available worldwide through the Android Market.

PhotoSpeak 1.0
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Developer MotionPortrait is one of Japan’s hottest new Android and iPhone dev studios, with several smash hits already under its belt. Find out more at the MotionPortrait website. Copyright (C) 2009-2010 MotionPortrait Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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