Globetrotters – 4 player party game coming to iPad

studio radiolaris, developers behind the unique musical shooter Radio Flare REDUX, has recently teamed up with indie game developers Broken Rules to create Globetrotters,  a 4-player action/party game to be released exclusively for the iPad.

Boost from planet to planet with your jet pack-equipped astronaut. Try to catch the stars before any of up to three other players reaches them. Running on the surface of a planet increases your score and slowly shrinks it until it is gone. The last one on a planet is awarded a bonus score. The first player to reach 1000 points wins the game.

First conceived as a flash game, Globetrotters will have players “boosting” from one planet to the next with the touch of a button. While the premise behind the gameplay is rather simple, having up to 4 players running around planets and jet-packing through space for the bonus stars is actually quite fun. You can check out the flash version of the game yourself to see what to expect from the iPad release.  With its 9.7″ screen size, the upcoming iPad should make for some great multiplayer/party gaming. More Globetrotters screenies after the break…

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