Tired of waiting for 1112 Episode 2? Time to break into the devs house!

Update: Check out our Exclusive hands-on preview of 1112 Ep. 2!!

1112 Episode 01 was the App Store’s first adventure game, one exclusively designed and developed for the iPhone a year ago by Agharta Studio. It was highly acclaimed by the critics and earned a well deserved spot in our App Store’s Best Adventure Games. Unfortunately since then the developers took a little detour and released the excellent turn-based strategy – Rogue Planet, which delayed the intended release of 1112 Episode 02.

The good news though is that the game is almost finished and in the final stages of beta-testing. But it seems some people just don’t have the patience!  A fan of the original game, through some covert means of her own, found the home address of the lead developer Alexandre Leboucher (whom we incidentally interviewed several months ago) and stole his personal iPhone to check out the game. And what’s more – she even videotaped all of it. Video after the gap!

  • Can’t say how much I love this game! It would be great if TMA could have a little sneak peek (I didn’t really see much of the game in the video… ) of Episode 2! Also, I hope I can visit the devs in few months when I’m going to Paris.

  • The devs promised me a beta the moment the translation is finished – hopefully end of this – start of next week. I’ll try to a preview asap after that.

    About visiting the devs – great idea, only problem is – they live in Lyon, not Paris :)

  • Pretty cool teaser ad.

    Hey Chiffa, I’d be happy to Beta test the English version, too! Where do we sign up?

  • There is no official sign-up – it’s personal between me and the devs :) But you can always try contacting via the e-mail or the PM on the forums (remember, they have their own section) and offer your services :)

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