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Chico, California – Got an idea for a mobile app? Now is the time to cash in on that idea. According to Gartner, Inc, consumers will spend $6.2 billion in 2010 and mobile application revenue is predicted to grow to $29.5 billion by the end of 2013. That’s an increase of over 450% making the mobile app industry one of the fastest growing technology industries since the internet boom of 2000.

Success stories of mobile developers making fortunes off apps have emerged almost overnight. Stories like that of Ethan Nicholas, whose iPhone app iShoot earned him over $900,000 in eight months. Stories like that of Ge Wang, owner of Smule, who reported iPhone app profits of over $1 million for 2008. In addition to these stories, the Android has proved itself equally as lucrative for developers like that of Kim, a former Volkswagen engineer and co-founder of San Francisco-based startup Picwing, who now earns over $13,000 each month off an Android app called Car Locator.

“The mobile app market is somewhat of a gold rush right now and small time developers are making big fortunes off of relatively simple applications. It is truly amazing to see mobile app developers become millionaires in the matter of months,” says Andrew Gazdecki, president of GetAppQuotes, a company specializing in connecting entrepreneurs and companies with mobile app developers.

GetAppQuotes works like this: Entrepreneurs with mobile app ideas post an app project with details of what they would like developed. This can range from a simple iPhone app that plays a fart sound or a complex Android game. Mobile developers then view these app projects and bid their development quote accordingly. The whole basis behind GetAppQuotes is that this type of open bidding of app projects helps development prices stay competitive, potentially saving employers thousands of dollars. GetAppQuotes also provides an outlet in which entrepreneurs can communicate with multiple developers helping them find the perfect match for their mobile app idea. Call it eBay for mobile apps, GetAppQuotes is quickly changing the way employers hire mobile app developers.

“Every day I would come across people with great mobile app ideas but all had the same problem. None of them were app developers. So I saw an opportunity to help these would be mobile app entrepreneurs and created GetAppQuotes – a marketplace for hiring talented mobile app developers.”

GetAppQuotes boasts as being the largest freelance marketplace for anything relating to mobile app development with over 9,000 registered users and over 6,000 of them being mobile developers making them the largest pool of mobile developers available.

The average mobile app can cost as little as $500 to develop and as high as $10,000 depending on the complexity of the application. With more than 140,000 available apps and over 3 billion downloads in the iTunes App Store, mobile apps are being considered by many as lucrative investments. GetAppQuotes helps nurture these mobile app investments by connecting entrepreneurs with talented mobile developers from all across the globe.

“The main goal for GetAppQuotes is to help as many entrepreneurs make their mobile app ideas a reality,” says Gazdecki.

Got a mobile app idea? Here’s how GetAppQuotes can help:
* Post your mobile app project free
* Receive multiple quotes from qualified mobile developers
* Make your mobile app idea a reality

Looking for Mobile Development jobs? Here’s how we can help:
* Sign up free and post your mobile app portfolio
* Bid your quote on fun and lucrative mobile app projects
* Get hired, start developing apps, and expose your mobile app company
* Become a part of the largest network of mobile developers

GetAppQuotes is quickly changing the way mobile developers communicate with employers. Check out their website today and post your mobile app idea. Who knows? Your app idea could be the next million dollar mobile app!

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