Babo Crash in Review – 21 Levels of Madness!

The App Store is certainly not short of Match 3 titles, and clearly Playbrains were perfectly aware of this when developing their latest title – Babo Crash. This is why they’ve attempted to make it different from every other game out there and give it something really special. On the one hand, gameplay wise they’ve done a great job, but there are some features which could be added in which would make it so much better. Feel free to discuss this review of Babo Crash in our forums.

To play Babo, as you’d expect with this genre, you’ll swap gems on a game board in order to make matches of three or more. The more gems you swap, the better. There are a number of crazy power-ups available to you, which when actioned with take out rows, the surrounding gems, random gems and so on. Just to make things even more exciting, you can actually rotate your iDevice in order to change the centre of gravity within the game. This helps when you’re trying to manoeuvre certain game pieces into the place you want them. It also adds a completely new dimension to what can essentially be a very ‘samey’ game genre.

I rate Babo Crash’s gameplay very highly. Naturally, it starts you off slowly so you can get used to it, but it quickly ramps up the pace. Soon you’ll be matching gems galore, setting off dozens of bonuses and collecting points galore. There’s also a game state called ‘overtime’ in which you can score some serious points, so make sure you stay on the ball in order to maximise your score – even when your screen has gone so crazy you can barely see what you’re doing!

Adding a whole other element of fun to the game is the music and sound effects. As the gameplay gets more crazy, so does the music. This ramps up the tension for you and does a good job of making you flustered as you try and concentrate! Just don’t lose your nerve and you’ll do great!

Also included in Babo Crash is OpenFeint compatibility. This is definitely a plus point, but only if your friends are actually using the service. It adds an extra feature so you can compare scores and find out what you must achieve in the game to score yourself some OpenFeint points, but unless you have lots of friends with OpenFeint, it’s a minor addition. An idea for later editions of the game would to add Facebook and Twitter connectivity, too.

Sadly, after what have been mainly good comments, I do have a major downer. Despite the game being excellent fun, with great graphics and sound, it’s lacking the one main thing you need in a casual game: the ability to play for a few minutes here and there, returning to the game when you have some spare time. Naturally, you can turn the game on and off when you wish, but you can’t save it. This means if you play the game for ten minutes, then you have to go and do something else, the next time you return to the game, you have to start again. This is a huge turn off for casual gamers, who like the idea they can just pick up where they left off when they next have five minutes to spare. A pretty big oversight, and hopefully one which will be rectified in later versions.

Overall, a worthy purchase if you’re into this type of game, but at the moment it will better suit those who have long periods of time to spare in which they can play and complete the game.

NB: I have recently been notified by the developers that you can in fact save your game simply by exiting the game using your iDevice’s ‘Home’ button. Then when you re-enter the App, you are given the option to resume your previous game. Apologies for this mistake… see review comments for more details.

App Summary
Title: Babo Crash Developer: Playbrains
Reviewed Ver: 1.01 Min OS Req: OS 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 7.9 MB
  • Nice graphics
  • Exciting sound effects
  • Fun, addictive gameplay
  • OpenFeint compatible
  • Little replay value
  • No Facebook/Twitter connection


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