SyleTap iPhone Palm OS emulator – Reason to Jailbreak # 1045?

If everything in your being screams: “I just got to run Epocrates!”, then you need SyleTap (and a Jailbreaked iDevice), the iPhone’s first Palm OS emulator. Palm pretty much dropped legacy users with the release of the Pre, so greybeard users need to be grandfathered to new platforms if they want to enjoy the freedom and features of a new OS. SyleTap isn’t a new spanking app; it’s been doing its thing on Symbian and Windows Mobile for a long season. It’s introduction to the iDevice isn’t quite so unexpected as it is flummoxing: it costs 50$ and in the words of one Redmond Pie user, ‘scream[s] “Pirate Me!”‘

Piccies and more after the gap:

Fortunately, there is a 14-day trial to help you decide if you want to part with your hard earned greens. On computers, emulators can be fun, and for now defunct systems, are new life. But often, they come at competitively low prices. SyleTap, it seems, is gunning for a different horizon.

It has a number of interesting features which Redmond Pie run down:

The hardware capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch enable far better performance of these apps than could the actual Palm OS devices. Give StyleTap a run and tell us what you think about it.

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