Jobs and Schmidt caught coffee’ing

When relationships go sour, drama breaks out. It’s fair to say that the recent Jobs/Schmidt coffee meeting may have been planned to spurn the rumours that relationship between infinity and the fruit has gone sour grapes. The two high-ups met over coffee with their expensive cars parked outside and after Gizmodo’s tipster snapped a few shots. Snippets of the conversation seemed well-timed: “They’re going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it”, and “Let’s go discuss this somewhere more private”, and provocative to say the least.

Piccies and more after the gap:

So what? Was the meeting arranged for press reasons? Or, had the two biggies actually decided to mend terms and then seek a quiet getaway afterward? I’ll bet it ain’t as one Giz reader suggests: “Steve Jobs was referring to his iPenis”.

No, both executives seemed to hold back their bits in favour of stifled discomfort.

More at Gizmodo

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