iPad Cloned – roll over MaxiPad, big ‘ol iPod touch

Who needs a big ‘ol iPod touch when you can have a giPod Nano (my clever nickname for a ginormous iPod Nano). This seemingly unnamed Chinese iPad clone is svelte in white and a sports a cute click wheel and the startlingly low price of 290$. Better yet, it even packs a quaint stylus for drawing cute apples and other fruits. Manufacturer: Shenzhen Huayi churns out the clone in the Shenzhen, the city known for pickpockets and tech look-alikes, and begs geeks to buy this latest of clones.

While Redmond Pie asks you to be wary of purchasing fake gear, TMA says: if you are fully of wasteful dosh, go ahead, but see if you can’t save your pennies on something worthwhile, like an Apple iPad.

  • ARK

    I like the xenophobic undertones

  • Indeed – they are there and lurking, just like the look-alike engineers in Shenzhen who ready their photocopiers and paste-kits for the next big thing.

    I’ve dealt with a few companies from there and to my dismay, each one has been a copycat or a con-artist.

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