First look at Twitepad for the iPad

Earlier last week, developer Infoxenter had sent word of their upcoming TwitePad app designed exclusively for the iPad. As a fully featured twitter client, TwitePad comes with all the functions you’d expect: lists, both types of retweets and more. Its two main selling features however, are the built-in web browser and support for multiple columns. Thanks to the larger screen size of the iPad, Twitepad users can now navigate between their columns by content (mentions, timeline, lists etc) AND easily open interesting links with the web browser.

And for those with multiple Twitter accounts, Twitpad allows you to use as many as your heart desires- meaning you can stay on top of all your personalities accounts without jumping from screen to screen. Infoxenter have even included support for Instapaper (read articles later) and implemented a database backend, meaning all your tweets and user data are stored locally for near instant retrieval.

For soon-to-be iPad owners who’re also Twitter users, Twitepad should definitely be on their radar come April 3rd. For the intro price of $0.99, Twitepad is looking more and more appealing by the minute. Be sure to check out the promo video, piccies and more after the gap!

Twitepad is an iPad Twitter client that supports multiple user accounts and multiple columns on your screen. Your iPad screen will be divided by your Twitter columns and by your webbrowser.
If you want to quickly open a few links from your Twitter friends have sent you, just tap at the links one by one, they will all be opened in a thumb view first and you can view the full website, when you just tap on the preview – no further loading is needed. This is the fastest way you ever read through your Twitter news.

Multiple Twitter accounts:
Twitepad supports a unlimited number of Twitter accounts. We use OAuth to authenticate your user account with Twitter. OAuth means we don’t save your password, neither on your iPad nor anywhere else. Twitepad will only ask you once for your password: When you create a new account, but this is only used once to get OAuth keys from Twitter for your account.

Multiple columns: With Twitepad you can have 3 (portrait view) or 4 (landscape view) columns on your screen at the same time. You can add, delete and rearrange them by simply dragging them around. For each column you can freely choose your user account and the column content (timeline, mentions, lists, search etc.)
If you wish you can also auto-refresh the columns, e.g. to see what your friends tweet about while you browse the web.

Extensive support of Twitter functions:
We support all the usual Twitter functions you expect, incl. lists, retweet (either Twitter retweet or create a new Tweet with RT:)

Instapaper support:
For each of your Twitteraccounts you can choose a different Instapaper account (or use the same for all of them). Just tap on the Instapaper button and the article you would like to read later will be sent to Instapaper.

Web to Twitter:
You found an interesting article on the web, just tap on the Tweet button, and a new Tweet is created incl. the title of the Web-Site and the link, the link will automatically be shortened with

TweetMeme and statistics:
To see how many people clicked on your links you can add your individual API key to Twitepad. Either go to the website to see your account statistics or tap on the “i” to see how many Retweets this article had (data provided by Tweetmeme), and how many people clicked on your link and how many people clicked on all links leading to this website.

Database backend:
All your Tweets and all the user data of your friends are stored locally on your iPad until you decide to erase them. Advantage: you can find a user or a tweet again very fast, almost instant. When you write a tweet and type “@” a popup appears that shows all the names (and the user picture) that start with the characters you type.

Integrated webbrowser:
We integrated a webbrowser into Twitepad, so you can look at the articles your friends tweet. But we didn’t stop there:

  • Thumbview preloading: Ideal for websites like Google Reader, Alltop and many other news aggregators. Tap on a link, and the corresponding website will be loaded in a small thumbview. So you can still continue to read, while the other site is loading. When you want to read the new website, just tap on the thumbnail and it will be magnified – no further loading needed. The previous website will be shrinked to a thumbnail at the same time. Tap on it  and you are back where you started.
Depending on the iPad orientation and on the number of open Twitter columns you can have about 5 thumbnails on your screen, but you can open many more. When you close one, they will rearrange and appear again.
  • Bookmarks with keywords:
You can bookmark your websites and sort them according to keywords. If you don’t like keywords, just imagine keywords are folder names.
But with keywords a bookmark can be in two folders at the same time, e.g. you can give the New York Times the bookmarks “news” and “USA” and “New_York”. Makes it much easier to find relevant bookmarks.
  • Bookmark/Browser history search:
Just type in part of the URL or part of the website name, and Twitepad will filter the bookmarks or your browser history.

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