Apple to ship 8-10 million iPads in 2010

Will 8-10 million shipped iPads be enough to turn Apple haters and naysayers into mashed potatoes? Who knows, but with iPhone shipments ringing in at #3 around the world in 2009, expectations are high for another hit. Will I buy the iPad? Yes, but not immediately. I feel very strongly that the iPad’s design slant which is bent on simplicity, will be a fulcrum in mobile computing, but I won’t be boarding that train till my piggy bank, which allows me me a little space, carries me into next year. In other words, my iPad won’t be one of the pre-orders which are expected to ship now.

As long as Apple can tackle a simple file system which will allow users to download/upload content, the iPad should be able to hone in on the netbook market. Of course, computers have been selling on the notion that more is better for years even though users have been using less and less as general computing has gotten simpler and is even moving off into the cloud.

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